Xu Yuanchong Awarded the “Elegance Prize”

国际汉学翻译大会北京举行 许渊冲等获“大雅奖”

Xu Yuanchong Awarded the “Elegance Prize”



On November 1, the International Conference for Sinological Translators was held in Peking University, at which more than 50 translators from around the world discussed the translation of Chinese classics and traditional culture research works. Meanwhile, “Elegance Prize in International Sinology Translation” approved and set up by NOCFL (China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a foreign Language or Hanban) and Peking University was presented to Professor David Knechtges from East Asia Department of University of  Washington and Professor Xu Yuanchong from School of Journalism and Communication of Peking University. “贯通古今中外、交流不同文化”,这是北京大学汉学家研修基地主任袁行霈所说的翻译家的社会责任,他表示,古代典籍的翻译需跟上学术的发展以呈现新的面貌。北京大学中国语言文学系教授严绍璗则强调了翻译作为沟通不同文化的桥梁的重要地位,认为多元外文翻译将促进不同文化相互理解,推进世界文明的发展。 “Learn from all times for exchange between different cultures”, this is translators’ social responsibility considered by Yuan Hangpei, the director of the Sinologist Training Base of Peking University, who said that the translation of ancient classics should keep up with the academic development so as to present a newlook. Professor Yan Shaotang from the Chinese Language and Literature Department of Peking University emphasized the important role of translation asa bridge to link two different cultures. He considered that the multi-language translation would promote the mutual understanding of different cultures and advance the development of world civilization. 翻译: Elodie 深圳市昆仲科技有限公司 编辑: Steve  深圳市昆仲科技有限公司 中文来源:人民日报

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