What is a Company

In English class, my English teacher asks a question “What is a Company?” Please think about that then give me a definition, what is it? here is the teacher’s definition:  Asian • A company is a group of people working together. The people have social relations with other people and with the organization. The functioning is dependent on these relations.  Westerner • A system designed to perform functions and tasks in an efficient way. People are hired to fulfill these functions with the help of machines and other equipment. They are paid for the tasks they perform. After searching the internet , I get a different answer: A company is an intentional association of person formed for the purpose of doing some business and a business is a legally recognized organization designed to provide services and goods to consumers. Maybe the teacher's definition is for state-owned companies,while I think in CCJK, the functioning is dependent on competence not only the relations. So we can work efficiently with high quality,we provide better, faster and cheaper translation & localization, design & development services. This is a basic prerequisite to win-win cooperation.

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