Ways to be a professional Resource Manager (RM) (I)

Since work here in CCJK, I have been seeking ways and learning from colleagues on how to be a professional Resource Manager. Here I’d like to share some of skills I have learnt from Ruth and some other colleagues. Organizing my e-mail I have three mail addresses, and I get lots of e-mails everyday. Organizing my inbox might take some time every day; I always sort out the emails with different marks. Marking e-mails as spam, urgent with red, not urgent with purple, and some Ads you can just delete them without hesitation. Creating folders and getting up to date with all the e-mail reading. Try to have a folder where I can move e-mails that don’t need immediate attention, like invoices sent by translators or Project Managers. Everyday I try to be never more than one day behind reading and answering my e-mails.  Keeping a To-do List It can be a daily, weekly or monthly list, but keep it. I usually keep it a daily list. I think the shorter the period is, the better you will be able to follow it, but this needs to be your choice. Keeping a to-do list and checking it often will motivate me to finish the tasks in time. And after I finished my tasks, I always keep it recorded in my log book of back office. So I will not forget what I have done. And what mistakes I have made or what good comments I have won.

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