Twitter and Facebook Seek to One-click Shopping

Twitter(推特) Facebook(脸书)已经成为全球最大的两大社交网络,随着网络社交成为普通民众日常生活的一部分,这两家网站也开始向其他领域延伸发展,而电子商务网上购物成为他们的最新战场。 Twitter and Facebook have become the world's two largest big social networks. As the social networking becomes part of common people’s daily life, both Twitter and Facebook are gradually expanding their business to such as E-commerce and online shopping.Twitter 他们希望社交用户除了查看好友动态之外,还能在无需跳转的情况下,直接在本站完成一键式购物过程。 They hope that besides viewing friends’ trends, users can also directly complete the one-click shopping process without skipping to other websites. 美国纽约时报网站指出,在社交网站购物和在传统的零售商网站购物,势必存在不同,对于脸书、推特而言,他们站内购物服务的一个商机,就是向广告主和外部商户提供更好的产品,捕捉喜欢冲动购物的消费者,让他们在浏览好友帖子、好友动态的过程中,突然喜欢上某件商品,并闪电完成购买。 As indicated in the New York Times website, there certainly exists difference between shopping in social websites and tranditional retailer websites. For Facebook and Twitter, a new business opportunity of shopping service within the website is to provide better products for advertisers and external merchants and to catch the attention of those customers who tend to shop on impulse, which means that customers may take a fancy to a commodity and buy it rapidly when they are viewing their friends’s posts and trends.

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