The factors related closely to translation rate

In China, we have been seeing the reality that the wage of every industry is rising now, quickly or slowly, except the translation rate. On one hand, actually, to some extent, the price of the outsourcing translation, is still decreasing in some specific areas. This seems the general situation in the whole translation industry. But on the other hand, with the increasing of their translation quality, some translators also increases, though rises slightly. Therefore, translation companies are gradually become low-profit. And many clients are just come to asking for prices not actually assigning jobs. Nowadays, the English level of all the people is increasing generally. The outsourced translation tasks are becoming more difficult than before, since the clients can understand the simple ones and no need to translate. Therefore, the client requires more in translators’ qualifications or quality. Translators sometimes have to make much more efforts than what they get. In fact, the price of translation, really can not be generalized. The price maybe different result from different translation quality, different level of professional materials, different usage of the translation, different deadline, files of different format and so on. All in all, price is related with many factors closely. Rate actually is the biggest factor that stands between the client and provider. Translation with high quality maybe expensive and some maybe cheaper, there is no limitation or standards on how you should offer your rate. Your rate does not actually reflect your translation quality and your qualifications. To be honest, I think translation world is the most disordered industry, since there is no standards on what good translation should be, and no limitation on how the translator, especially the freelancers, should define their translation price. Good quality or bad quality is almost decided by the client’s evaluators, who are hired to make specific evaluation on the translation quality.

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