How Taxi-calling Apps Make Profit in the Suddenly Changed Market

Taxi-calling Apps 导语:当补贴大战落下谢幕后,随着一份通知文件的下达,打车软件再次被推上舆论风口。盈利模式模糊的打车软件将如何寻求可持续发展呢? Introduction: after the end of subsidy war, with the issue of an official notification,  taxi-calling apps become the focus of the public opinion again. In this case, how those apps with unclear profit model seek their sustainable development?

打车软件从半年前你来我往的烧钱比拼,到近期偃旗息鼓,纷纷停止补贴,现又拟被交通部门收编旗下。近日,滴滴打车更是出台“史上最严”打击爽约规范,声称从本月起,将提高对司机、乘客爽约行为的处罚力度。打车软件依靠巨额现金“烧”出来的繁荣难以持续,当面对烧钱补贴的难以持续、用户粘度的下降、交通运输部门的招安监管,仍处于盈利模式模糊的打车软件将如何寻求可持续发展呢? Experiencing development from the competition by providing cash subsidy half a year ago to the recent cancellation of subsidy, taxi-calling apps are proposed to be incorporated by transportation department. Recently, Didi Taxi established the “strictest”specifications to restrain the conduct of breaking an appointment and announced to intensify the punishment on driver’s and passenger’s conduct of breaking an appointment. The prosperity of those apps at the cost of a huge sum of cash is unsustainable; Confronting with the gradual cancellation of cash subsidy, decrease of user viscosity and incorporation & supervision by transportation department, how those apps with unclear profit model seek their sustainable development?

面对打车软件市场的风云突变,王健则认为打车软件停止现金补贴和将被交通运输部门收编正是反映了现阶段打车软件所存在的问题。王健告诉南都记者,目前打车软件面临的问题主要有二,一是在补贴大战之后,如何留住用户,提升用户体验;二是面对市场监管的风险,如何加强打车行业的规范性和安全性。“一旦完善了用户体验和行业安全性的规范,无论是政府还是大众用户,对打车软件的认可度都会大幅提升”,王健说。 For the sudden change of taxi-calling app market, Mr. Wang Jian considers the cancellation of cash subsidy by those apps and the incorporation by transportation department actually reflect the problems existing in this stage. “Currently, the major problems challenging taxi-calling apps are how to retain users and improve the user experience after the subsidy war and how to increase the normalization and safety of the taxi-calling industry under the risk of market supervision,” Mr. Wang told the reporter of Southern Metropolis Weekly. “Once the user experience and the safety specifications are improved, ”Mr. Wang said, “the recognition of both the government and users to taxi-calling apps will be greatly increased.”

From: The Cyzone Translated by Steve, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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