Q &A—Chinese Coding Project

Preface: Recently, we did an unique job—Chinese coding. The customer has given us specific information for this assignment. We also find the questions …

/ by sharon

Wrong words?

When we read a source text for the first time, occasionally there are some words emerge at places where we may think not appropriate for them to appear. In this circumstance, the first idea across my mind is that there must be something wrong, because putting this word here does not make sense. Especially when I meet idiomatic phrases seldom used by Chinese, these words drive me crazy.

/ by zoe

Case Study: 4 Tips for Dating Chinese Girls

When a person speaks, writes, or even quotes, there are always two levels of meaning of his/her words. By literal understanding, the audience might get frustrated or even devastated, but a sophisticated listener would further dig out the rhetorical level of meaning of them, which, more often than not, could come out as quite a shock of being totally opposite to their literal meaning.

/ by andriy