Some Words You Must Stop Misspelling or Typoing

Some Words You Must Stop Misspelling or Typoing

Recent days, when I'm proofreading some English article, I found that there are so much ridiculous misspelling or typoing in many articles...It not comes in singly but in pairs, many people have made the same mistakes round and round. I HAD ENOUGH!  If you're reading this entry, please do remember not to make the listed mistakes again!

1. Cancelling and Cancelled or Canceling and Canceled Actually they both are right spelling, it depends on whether you are using American English or British English. So when it comes to some serious case with high quality needed. You should be aware of this difference. "Cancelling and Cancelled" (Double L)  is the British spelling (which Europeans often use), while "Canceling and Canceled" (Single L) is an optional American spelling. You can also find the same difference in Modeling and Modelling. But in the following case, you don't need to care about the "rules" or differences of BE and AE.
conceal, concealed fit, fitter, fittest, fitted rebel (n), rebellion rebel (v), rebelled, reveal, revealed kneel, kneeled keel, keeled peel, peeled congeal, congealed benefit, benefited prohibit, prohibited inhibit, inhibited dispel, dispelled spool, spooled foil, foiled, foiling boil, boiled, boiling feel, felt toil, toiled, toiling coil, coiled, coiling recoil, recoiled, recoiling (
2. Classfication or Classification Please do remember not to lose "i" in classification, it's a common mistake. Classification is right. 3. Quering or Querying This is not a forgivable mistake you can make! you can't forget the letter y, Querying is right. 4. occured or occurred There is no such word like occured, if you want to write the past tense of occur, please use occurred! 5. Alot Alot is not a cannot join them do not write alittle, abit, so please leave a space to A and Lot.

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