Some Terms about Universiade

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Yes! It is Shenzhen 26th Summer Universiade.
Now let's go with the tide and pick up something precious among the white water. I collected some interesting English expressions about the Universiade.
World University Games(世界大学生运动会), know as "Little Olympics", are organized by the International University Sports Federation(国际大学生体育联合会).
Shenzhen 26th Summer Universiade (第26届世界大学生运动会)will be held from August 12th to August 22th in 2011. The main stadium is located in Longgang District, west of  the city(深圳市龙岗中心城西区).
"Happy U" consists of colored dots of varying size. Each dot is deemed as a logo element, the meaning of which is open to different interpretations. It tries to convey the message that the Universiade is a carnival gathering for university students from around the world. 
U is rich in meanings. It may stand for "university", "you","union", "universe" or other words, or be taken as a graphical mark representing bays in the city, Dapeng Bay (大鹏湾)for example. U may be understood in six different ways, including a happy U, an open U, an inclusive U, a youthful U, a cosmopolitan U and a futuristic U(欢乐的 U、开放的 U、包容的 U、青春的 U、世界的 U、未来的 U).

"UU" is given a variety of cute facial expressions: joyous, sweet and somewhat playful. There trendy and cheerful images are designed to embody the great vitality and uplifting spirit typical of the young people, expressing the expectation of the host city for Universiade.
Slogan(口号):Start Here
In addition, some terms related to athletics are as follows. 
     instructor 教练,技术指导
  guide 领队
  trainer 助理教练
  referee, umpire (网球.棒球)裁判
  linesman, touch judge (橄榄球)裁判
  contestant, competitor, player 运动员
  professional 职业运动员
  amateur 业余运动员,爱好者
  enthusiast, fan 迷,爱好者
  favourite 可望取胜者 (美作:favorite)
  outsider 无取胜希望者
  championship 冠军赛,锦标赛
  champion 冠军
  record 纪录
  record holder 纪录创造者
  ace 网球赛中的一分
  Olympic Games, Olympics 奥林匹克运动会
  Winter Olympics 冬季奥林匹克运动会
  stadium 运动场
  track 跑道
  ring 圈
  ground, field 场地
  pitch (足球、橄榄球)场地
  court 网球场
  team, side 队
  竞技性运动competitive sport
  用粉笔记下(分数等);达到,得到 chalk up
  出名 make one's mark
  体育项目(尤指重要比赛) event
  体育 PE (Physical Education)
  体格、体质 physique
  培训 groom
  余的,带零头的 odd
  年少者 junior
  残疾人 the handicapped/disabled
  学龄前儿童 preschool
  全体;普通;一般 at large
  平均寿命 life expectancy
  复兴 revitalize
  使有系统;整理 systemize
  历史悠久的 time-honored
  跳板 spring-board
  秋千 swing
  石弓,弩 crossbow
  (比赛等的)观众 spectator
  取得进展 make headway
  体育大国/强国 sporting/sports power
  与...有关系,加入 be affiliated to/with
  落后 lag behind
  武术 martial arts
  五禽戏 five-animal exercises
  体育运动 physical culture and sports
  增强体质 to strengthen one's physique
  可喜的,令人满意的 gratifying
  称号,绰号 label
  涌现出来 to come to the fore
  源源不断 a steady flow of
  队伍 contingent
  又红又专/思想好,业务精 to be both socialist-minded and vocationally proficient
  体育界 sports circle(s)
  承担义务 to undertake obligation
  黑马 dark horse
  冷门 an unexpected winner; dark horse
  爆冷门 to produce an unexpected winner
  发展体育运动,增强人民体质 Promote physical culture and build up the people's health
  锻炼身体,保卫祖国 Build up a good physique to defend the country
  为祖国争光 to win honors for the motherland
  Do not become cocky/be dizzy with success, nor downcast over/discouraged by defeat.
  体育道德 sportsmanship
  打出水平,打出风格 up to one's best level in skill and style of play
  竞技状态好 in good form
  失常 to lose one's usual form
  比分领先 to outscore
  打成平局 to draw/to tie/to play even/to level the score
  失利 to lose
  Physical Culture and Sports Commission of the PRC (State Physical Culture and Sports Commission)
  中华全国体育总会 All-China Sports Federation
  国际奥林匹克委员会 International Olympic Committee
  少年业余体育学校 youth spare-time sports school, youth amateur athletic school
  辅导站 coaching center
  体育中心 sports center/complex
  竞赛信息中心 competition information center
  运动会 sports meet; athletic meeting; games
  全国运动会 National Games
  世界大学生运动会 World University Games; Universiade
  比赛地点 competition/sports venue(s)
  国际比赛 international tournament
  邀请赛 invitational/invitational tournament
  锦标赛 championship
  东道国 host country/nation
  体育场 stadium; sports field/ground
  体育馆 gymnasium, gym; indoor stadium
  比赛场馆 competition gymnasiums and stadiums
  练习场馆 training gymnasiums
  操场 playground; sports ground; drill ground
  体育活动 sports/sporting activities
  体育锻炼 physical training
  体育锻炼标准 standard for physical training
  体育疗法 physical exercise therapy; sports therapy
  广播操 setting-up exercises to music
  课/工间操 physical exercises during breaks
  体育工作者 physical culture workers, sports organizer
  运动爱好者 sports fan/enthusiast
  观众 spectator
  啦啦队 cheering-section
  啦啦队长 cheer-leader
  国家队 national team
  种子队 seeded team
  主队 home team
  客队 visiting team
  教练员 coach
  裁判员 referee, umpire
  裁判长 chief referee
  团体项目 team event
  单项 individual event
  男子项目 men's event
  女子项目 women's event
  冠军 champion; gold medalist
  全能冠军 all-round champion
  亚军 running-up; second; silver medalist
  第三名 third; bronze medalist
  世界纪录保持者 world-record holder
  运动员 athlete; sportsman
  种子选手 seeded player; seed
  优秀选手 top-ranking/topnotch athlete
  田径运动 track and field; athletics
  田赛 field events
  竞赛 track events
  跳高 high jump
  撑杆跳高 pole jump; polevault
  跳远 long/broad jump
  三级跳远 hop, step and jump; triple jump
  标枪 javelin throw
  铅球 shot put
  铁饼 discus throw
  链球 hammer throw
  马拉松赛跑 Marathon (race)
  接力 relay race; relay
  跨栏比赛 hurdles; hurdle race
  竞走 walking; walking race
  体操 gymnastics
  自由体操 floor/free exercises
  技巧运动 acrobatic gymnastics
  垫上运动 mat exercises
  单杠 horizontal bar
  双杠 parallel bars

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