Some slangs related to "Apple"

slang of appleLast weekend in my leisure time, I seen a popular movie,named "You Are the Apple of My Eye"  which produced by Taiwan Director” Giddens”. I’ve seen a lot of emotional film in the past, only this movie gave me a great shock and touched the deeply heart. I don’t know why such English name was given to this movie, maybe the content of this movie is close to the meaning of this subject. Speaking of the English title of this movie, the vocabulary "Apple" caught my eyes. In many fruits, apple is one of the most common, but quite delicious fruit, and is the preference of most people. In English, "apple" also contains rich and interesting meaning. Some slangs concerned with "Apple"  are summarized as below; 1.    apple-polisher(马屁精、逢迎者) It means one who attempts to curry favor with authority for personal gains. Eg: I can't believe he's been promoted so quickly! He's a real apple-polisher. 我真不敢相信他居然提升得那么快。他可是个十足的马屁精。 2.    apples and oranges (风马牛不相及) It means irrelevant human or things were put together and made the comparison. These objects were really unable to compare. Eg: The thinking mode of scientist and painter are like apples and oranges. 科学家和画家的思考模式是完全不同的。 3.    apple of one's eye (掌上明珠、心肝宝贝 It means person or things were cherished or beloved by someone. Eg:Grandfather always made the most fuss of Kate; she is the apple of his eye. 祖父总是极其宠爱吉凯特,她是他的掌上明珠。 4.    rotten apple 坏家伙、害群之马) It means a unfit or corrupt person who's nature is known to corrupt others. Eg: We can’t use a rotten apple to generalize about the whole group. 我们不能用一个坏家伙去概括整个团队。 5.    big apple 纽约) It’s another term meaning New York, usually New York City in particular. Also means Broadway. Eg:the nickname of "Big Apple" is New York, the "City of Light" is Paris and the "Windy City" is Chicago in US. 在美国,纽约的昵称为“大苹果”、巴黎为“光明之城”、芝加哥为“风之城”。 6.    an apple of discord 争端、祸根) It means a cause for dispute and derived from a story in Greek Mythology. Eg: The black gold in the Middle East seems to be an apple of discord. 中东石油似乎成了争端的起因。

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