Some Confusing English Sentences

1.Do you have a family? 正确译文:你有孩子吗? 2.It's a good father that knows his son。 就算是最好的父亲,也未必了解 自己的儿子。 3.I have no opinion of that sort of man。 我对这类人很反感。 4.She put 5 dollars into my hand,"you have been a great man today." 她把5美圆塞到我手上说:"你今 天表现得很好." 5.I was the youngest son, and the youngest but two。 我是最小的儿子,但是我还有两个妹妹。 6.The picture flattered her。 她比较上照。 7.The country not agreeing with her, she returned to England。 她杂那个国家水 土不服,所以回到了英国。 8. He is a walking skeleton。 他很瘦。 9.The machine is in repair。 机器已经 修好了。 10.He allowed the father to be overruled by the judge, and declared his own son guilty。 他让法官的职责战胜了父子的亲 情,最终宣布儿子有罪。 11.You don't know what you are talking about。 你在胡说八道。 12.You don't begin to understand what they mean。 你根本不知道他们在干嘛. don't begin :决不 13.They didn't praise him slightly。 他们大大地 表扬了他。 14.That's all I want to hear。 我已经听够了。 15.I wish I could bring you to see my point。 你要我怎么说你才能明白呢。 16.You really flatter me。 你让我受宠若惊。

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