Sogou Lunches WeChat Search: More Strategic Than Functional Significance

 WeChat Search 微信搜索的上线,确实是为外界连接微信提供了一个通道,可用户的长期习惯很难得到改变,即无论是外界的用户,还是长期生活在微信世界中的用户,都觉得连接对方没有必要。一个普通用户,距离微信搜索功能应该是遥远的,因为他不会有要搜索什么的冲动,一个人关注的公众号几乎全部是朋友圈流传而来的,基于人脉关系的信息传播,仍然会是未来微信信息传播的主要方式。 The roll-out of WeChat Search provides a channel for connecting external users and WeChat, but the users’s habit is difficult to change, i.e. both users in and out of the WeChat world do not believe it is necessary to connect mutually. An ordinary user should be far from the WeChat Searchfunction, because he may not want to search anything; almost all public accounts followed by a person may be shared from his friend zones and the information dissemination based on interpersonal connections will still be the major dissemination way in WeChat in the future. 所以说,微信搜索对普通用户的功能性意义是很小的,真正受益的似乎只有所谓的自媒体人。 Therefore, WeChat Search is of little functional significance to ordinary users and seems to only benefit the so-called  we-media.

为什么说战略意义大呢,主要是几个方面: Why is there more strategic significance? The reasons are as follows:

1、对搜狗和腾讯自身而言,微信在腾讯产品矩阵中的地位如日中天,搜狗号称“拼音之后,就是搜索”,力推搜索产品,微信搜索算是双方的“第一次亲密接触”,目标一定是王小川曾经提到过的”社会化搜索“的构想; 1. Wechat itself is increasingly flourishing in Tencent's product matrix, while Sogou itself, known for its search after Chinese phonetic alphabet, is pushing search products. Wechat search is regarded as their first close cooperation, definitely aiming to achieve the vision of social search that Wang Xiaochuan has mentioned;

2、腾讯的微信事业群可不仅仅是一个微信公众平台而已,除基础平台外还有开放平台、微信支付和 O2O 业务,微信最近频繁出新,从投票功能到多客服功能,再到微信小店,微信看上去正在慢慢朝着商业服务的功能转型,搜狗搜索的嵌入,能帮助微信持续深耕 O2O 的服务,实现更加精准的营销; 2. Tencent’s Wechat business group is more than a Wechat public platform. In addition to the basic platform, it has an open platform, Wechat payment and O2O business. Recently, with frequent new advances from voting to several customer services, to Wechat store, Wechat seems to be developing towards the function of business services gradually. The embedded Sogou search can help Wechat continue its O2O business further to achieve a more precise marketing;

3、微信和搜狗搜索一定会继续加深合作,搜狗搜索内嵌于微信中已经是必然会发生的事实了。 3. Wechat and Sogou search must continue to expand their cooperation. It’s an inevitable fact that Sogou search will be embedded in Wechat;

4、微信搜索的上线,对百度、360、神马等搜狗搜索的直接竞争对手来说,不仅仅是对手壮大了这么简单,而是对手硬生生的多了一条腿。多年来的江湖恩怨决定了微信的官方接口他们很难染指,必然要因地制宜寻找自己的应对之策,是要将自己的业务体系向相似的方向铺展,还是开拓新型业务,抑或是结合自身优势垂直深入,每家的选择都会不同。这或许代表了一种信号,即在中国互联网 20 年的时候,“互学互抄”的时代正在逐渐过去,旷日持久的竞速赛现在迎来了拐点。 4. For Baidu, 360, sm and other direct competitors of Sogou search, the launch of Wechat search not only means the opponent is more powerful, but also shows the opponent has more advantages. Due to competitive interests over the years, they have no access to Wechat’s official interfaces, so they have to look for their own effective solutions based on actual circumstances. These companies may have different choices to spread their business systems in similar directions, or develop new business, or establish upstream and downstream business in the industry chain with their own strengths. That may demonstrate a signal that in the 20th year of China Internet, learning and borrowing from each other will gradually fade away, and long-lasting races against rivals are coming.

From: The Huxiu Translated by Ashley, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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