“SkyTran” Hover Car Comes to Israel in 2015

Hover Car 以色列特拉维夫市官员称,空中汽车“天行者”将于 2015 年在特拉维夫市投入使用。 According to news from an official of Tel Aviv, “SkyTran” hover cars will come into use in 2015 in Tel Aviv. “天行者”是运行在城市高空的高架磁轨汽车,能直接将用户从起点送到目的地,时速达到 70 公里 / 小时。 “SkyTran” is the car running on the overhead magnetic track to transport users to their destinations at a speed up to 70 km/h. 目前除了以色列的特拉维夫市,法国图卢兹市、印度喀拉拉邦、美国加州旧金山市也在计划引入“天行者”。 Currently, besides Tel Aviv, Toulouse (France), Kerala (India) and San Francisco (CA, US) are planning to introduce “SkyTran”.

From: The 36Kr Translated by Steve, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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