Qingming (Tomb sweeping) Festival

Qingming festival, or tomb sweeping festival that is aimed to honor the dead, is one of important trasitional festivals in China. This year the festival falls on April 5. As a custom, people would visit the family graves on this day. They will seep the bombs, uproot the weeds near the tombstones and decorate the graves with wreaths or fresh flowers. Upon arriving at the grave, people will fire the cracker to tell the dead they are coming to make a visit. To show their honor, they will burn the paper treasures, offer the food and worship on bended knees. They will also talk to the passed away person to deliver their deep love and missing to him/her. My grandma has passed away when I was a sophomore. She left me with so many warm and beatuiful memories, and I know such wonderful memories will last the rest of my life! After my graduation, I seldom went to my hometown, not speaking of sweeping the tomb of my grandma on Qingming Festival. This year I still cannot go to my hometown, but the next year my dear grandma, I will visit you and tell you I love you very much.

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