The Promise, Progress and Pain Of Collaboration Software


Truly effective enterprise collaboration applications represent one of the most promising opportunities for cloud computing. Over the last decade, several SaaS companies have emerged that improve workplace collaboration, including well-known companies like Box and Yammer, as well as newer companies such as Quip, Cotap, Hall and Slack. 高效的企业协同应用程序是云计算中最具发展前景的一部分。在过去的十年中,涌现出了一大批推动工作场所协同作业的 SaaS (软件即服务)公司,其中知名度较高的有 Box 和 Yammer,另外还有一些比较年轻的公司,如 Quip、Cotap、Hall 及 Slack。

The good news is that these cloud collaboration companies are reducing friction in employee engagement, particularly for distributed employees. The bad news is that we are all dealing with information overload (“noise”) as an unwanted byproduct of increasingly friction-free communication. 这些云协同公司减少了员工参与工作的障碍,特别是对于那些分散式的员工。但同时我们也将面临着信息过载(“干扰”)的问题,这是无障碍通信发展衍生出来的结果。

It is exciting that some entrepreneurs are using cloud technology to solve big problems for the enterprise. Consumer adoption of new communication applications are a great leading indicator of what professionals in the workplace will desire in the future. 令人兴奋的是,部分企业家已经在使用云技术解决企业的一些重大问题。而消费者对新通信应用程序的使用,很大程度上预示着工作场所中专业人士的未来需求。

As VCs, our job is to find those applications that truly enhance corporate productivity and are amenable to the security, privacy and compliance needs of the enterprise. We have just uncovered the tip of the iceberg of the new forms of collaboration enabled by the cloud and mobile, and we can’t wait to work with the emerging enterprise leaders that will help solve these challenges. 作为风险投资者,我们的工作就是要找到那些能真正提高企业生产力,并符合企业安全、隐私和规范需求的应用程序。我们才刚刚发现了由云技术和移动技术带来的新型协同方式的冰山一角,因此我们热切期待与能解决上述挑战的优秀新兴企业合作。 From: The Techcrunch Translated by Ashley, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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