Document Formatting

A picture-perfect document is not made without having a professional from CCJK glance over it. Expertise in the field of formatting is required for all documents to be processed to world-class standards. Formatting issues can arise and it can be embarrassing for a client to have this shown to them by the target audience. Thus, it is essential to get to the root of the issue beforehand and let a team of experts read through the document.

Supported Formats

Pondering over document formatting and what formats are supported by the company? A whole host of formats are comfortably supported by CCJK and this company is always willing to accept new challenges. Clients are encouraged to ask about new formatting possibilities and see what solutions can be worked out. This is our way of ensuring all clients are satisfied and will not be settling for anything less than what is desired.

The supported formats with CCJK are diverse ranging across platforms and systems. To name a few, PDF, Word, PPT, Flash, Pub, AI etc., the options are endless and the opportunities evergreen.

All of these formats will be completed in a thorough and precise manner at CCJK. The team does not cut corners with any projects and it is essential to stay in line with pre-determined code of standards. These principles are kept intact at all times as a means to ensure clients receive a brilliant formatted document.

The company has specific document formatting guidelines, which are followed and adhered to at all time. This ensures the final product is in line with previous projects and does not become the target of complaints from the audience. Each format has its own guidelines and it is important to remain in sync with them. The team has developed many innovative solutions to work within the guidelines, while maintain creativity and authenticity.


Document formatting services are a part of the desktop publishing process. The company is home to some of the finest DTP software available on the market and it is continuously being updated. The client will receive precise work at all times and this ensures high-quality documents.

What items are taken care of by CCJK during the formatting process? There are many factors to ponder over and the team will look to sit down with the client. The research/planning phase ensures both parties are on the same page.

Each detail is taken seriously from the text’s appearance to the way it is placed on the page by CCJK. All nuances have to be contemplated and reassessed in an ongoing fashion for the project to be a success. Clients have specific requirements and this team will include all of them during the formatting phase. If it does not work, the team will make it work so the client receives what is desired.

Having an elegant, pleasant viewing of a document comes from its formatting and CCJK understands this. A professional is able to take care of these matters in a prompt, high-quality manner in comparison to other avenues. Don’t take a chance and go with the professional hand like CCJK.

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