Product Specification (Translation Sample)

Product Specification (Translation Sample)

MK8061 Halogen-Free No Clean Flux
Item MK8061
Appearance Transparent liquid
Flux Type ORM0
Specific Gravity (25℃) 0.810±0.020
Non-volatile (%) <10
Halides Content (%) 0.00
Spread Test (%) 〉80
Surface Insulation Resistance (Ω) After welding, Temporature 40℃, Humidity 90%, 〉1x1011 Ω
Copper Mirror Corrosion Pass
Applications Spraying, Foaming
Storage Life Six months
Thinner 8881
Product characteristics l         Detects of Harmful substance (F, CI, Br, I) have all reached ND, which can meet the halogen-free needs of highly sophisticated electronics. There is no residual in the soldering surface, no white powder. No corrosive residual. Pass the strict copper mirror test. With extreme high surface insulation resistance. Because of the bad liquidity of Pb-free solder, it can easily lead to pseudo soldering, solder bridge and solder projection. This flux can solve the problem efficiently. Thus it is the best choice of the composition for Pb-free solder Multi-alloying in current market. Scope of application Communication product, home appliances, Anti-Theft/monitoring system, car audio, computer, electronics such as MP3/MP4 Packaging/Storage instruction 5 gallon/barrel, 20 L/barrel Storage in a dry, ventilated place under normal temperature. Avoid direct sun exposure. MK8061无卤免洗助焊剂
项  目 MK8061
物理状态 透明液体
助焊剂类型 ORM0
比重 (25℃) 0.810±0.020
不挥发物含量 (%) <10
卤素含量 (%) 0.00
扩展率 (%) 〉80
表面绝缘电阻 (Ω) 焊后,温度40℃,湿度90%, 〉1x1011 Ω
铜镜腐蚀 通过
使用方法 喷雾 发泡
保质期限 六个月
配套稀释剂 8881
产品特性 l         有害物质(F、CI、Br、I)检测均达到ND,可满足高尖端电子产品无卤要求。 焊接表面无残留,无白色粉末产生。 不具任何腐蚀性的残留物,通过严格的铜镜测试。 具有极高的表面绝缘阻抗值。 有效解决无铅焊料流动性差,容易造成虚焊、桥连、拉尖等先天不足因素,是目前市场上无铅焊料多元化合金成份的最佳选择品。 适用范围 通讯产品、家用电器、防盗/监控系统、车载/音响、电脑、MP3/MP4等电子产品 包装/储存说明 5加仑/桶    20L/桶 在常温、干燥通风处密封保存,避免阳光照射。

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