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XX present an innovative and highly economical concept for spraying bitumen emulsion. Rehabilitating roads by replacing the wearing course is a highly cost effective and eco-friendly process, very popular in numerous countries. XX推出创新性的、更经济的乳化沥青喷洒理念更换磨耗层的道路维修,是一个经济、环保的施工工艺,在许多国家都很普遍。福格勒现在推出一种先进的理念,它不仅能够在封层或粘层油上直接双层摊铺超薄面层,而且还受到非特殊路面承包商的广泛欢迎。福格勒喷洒模块为喷洒乳化沥青及其后摊铺沥青混合料提供了经济而整洁的方案。


The SprayJet module offers a host of technological advantages. For instance, the rate of spread can be set from 0.2kg/m²*, allowing the bitumen emulsion to be finely metered and applied in small volumes at slow pave speeds. Thanks to an extremely low and constant spraying pressure of no more than 3 bar preveiling in the system, the spraying work can be performed with a minimum of spray mist and pollution. As this was not possible with previous systems, the SprayJet module is a trailblazer in both economical and ecological terms. 喷洒模块具有一系列技术优势,比如:乳化沥青的喷洒量最低可以设定为 0.2 kg/m2*,从而满足低速摊铺时,小用量下乳化沥青的精确计量。得益于仅有 3 bar 的 极低的持续喷洒压力,使乳化沥青的雾化程度最低,污染最小。鉴于以前的系统不可能做到这一点,因此,可以说,喷洒模块在经济和环保方面具有创新性。


Paving thin overlay on spray seal or tack coat, hot on hot, is a cost-effective alternative when it comes to resurfacing existing roads. This method of pavement rehabilitation is appropriate for all kinds of traffic areas, from cross-town links through to highly trafficked motorways. 与罩面相比,在封层或粘层油上双层摊铺薄铺层更加经济。这种道路维修方法适用于从城镇道路到大交通量高速公路的所有道路。


The thickness of the wearing course when paving thin overlay normally is no more than 1.2 to 2cm. In this context, this method displays its cost-effectiveness by saving expensive wearing course material. As paving thin overlay on spray seal does not require a costly adaptation or new installation of kerbs, this procedure is ideal, above all, for cross-town links or pavement rehabilitation in municipal areas. 这种薄磨耗层的厚度一般不大于 1.2–2 cm,由此,通过节省昂贵的磨耗层材料,而使该工艺具有明显的经济性优势。由于施工后,不需要重新安装路缘石等结构物。因此,它非常适用于城镇连接线或市政道路的维修。


When placing thin overlay using the xx paver
with SprayJet module, the spreading of spray seal and paving of asphalt take place in a single pass. As a result, no vehicles travel on the freshly sprayed bitumen emulsion, which offers three significant advantages:


Vehicles on the job site never pass over the emulsion, thus no soiling of adjacent areas. 工地车辆没有机会行走在粘层油膜上,因而不会污染临近区域。


As separate spraying of tack coat is eliminated, less preparatory work for the job. This reduces the duration of the roadworks. 由于不必单独喷洒粘层油,因而工地的施工准备更简单并由此缩短工期。


Damaged road surfacing can be replaced economically by thin overlay paved “hot on hot“. 已损坏的路面,能够通过“双层摊铺”薄铺层而得到更新。


Paving thin overlay does not require new installation of kerbs, thus rendering this technique ideal in municipal areas. 薄铺层施工后,不必重新安装路缘石。从而,使该工艺非常适合于市政施工。


The technique is appropriate for all kinds of traffic areas, from cross-town links through to busy motorways. 该工艺适用于从城镇连接线到繁忙高速公路的所有级别的道路维修。


The thin overlay just 1.2 to 2cm thick saves cost and, thanks to an excellent bond of layers, adds to the pavement‘s longevity. 薄铺层的厚度仅为 1.2–2 cm,不仅节约了成本,而且因优异的层间连接而使路面寿命得以延长。







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