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I DECLARE that I am domiciled in Hong Kong and this my Will shall be construed and take effect according to the laws of Hong Kong. 本人以香港為本人之永久居留地,本遺囑應按照香港法律解釋並執行。


Subject to and after payment out of my estate hereinafter mentioned for my just debts, funeral- and testamentary expenses and all estate or other duties payable in respect of my estate upon and by reason of my death, if any, I GIVE DEVISE AND BEQUEATH all my estate both real and personal whatsoever and wheresoever unto my Trustee upon trust to divide all the residue and remainder of my estate into TEN (10) equal shares and to hold the same upon the following trusts respectively, that is to say : 本人將以下提及的本人名下之不動產及動產產業,除清付本人債務、喪葬費、遺囑費用以及任何產業或其他遺產稅項責任(如有)外,全部盡行委託給本人之受託人管理,並委託本人之受託人將本人所有剩餘遺產平均分為十 (10) 份,由以下受益人平均承受及享用︰


I APPOINT my Trustee to be the guardian of my two minor daughters, XX [Holder of Hong Kong Identity Card No.XX] and XX [Holder of Hong Kong Identity Card No.XX] (hereinafter called “my Daughters”) during their minority. 本人指定及委派本人之受託人為本人兩名未成年女兒XX(香港身份証號碼︰XX)與XX(香港身份証號碼︰XX)(以下簡稱為「本人之女」)於其未成年時期之監護人。


UPON TRUST to distribute FOUR (4) of such shares to My Trustee, XX, Holder of Hong-Kong Identity Card No.XX. 以信託形式將其中四 (4) 份遺贈本人之受託人XX(香港身份証號碼︰XX)


This Will was interpreted to the said XX in the Cantonese dialect of the Chinese language by the undersigned and the said XX appeared to have thoroughly understood the same and said that the same was in accordance with her intention and instructions. 本遺囑由以下簽署人根據立遺囑人XX口述之廣東話內容而起草,XX瞭解本遺囑之所有內容,並表示本遺囑內容與其意願及指示一致。





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