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为规范公司的组织和行为,保护公司、股东和债权人的合法权益,维护 社会经济秩序,促进社会主义市场经济的发展,依据《中华人民共和国公司 法》(以下简称《公司法》)及其他有关法律、行政法规的规定,结合本公司 的实际情况,特制定本章程。 To normalize the Company’s organizations and behaviors, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the Company and its shareholders and creditors, maintain the social and economical order, and promote the development of the socialist market economy, the Articles of Association are hereby formulated in accordance with the Company Law of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as “Company Law”), other associated laws, and administrative regulations in combination with the actual condition of the Company.


公司为有限责任公司。实行独立核算、自主经营、自负盈亏,股东以其认缴出资额为限对公司承担责任,公司以全部资产对公司债务承担责任。 The Company is a limited liability company, with independent accounting, independent operation, and full responsibility for its own losses or profits. Shareholders bear the responsibility to the Company within the limit of subscribed contribution amount and the Company shall be liable for its debts to the extent of all of its assets.


公司坚决遵守国家法律,法规及本章程规定,维护国家利益和社会公共利益,接受政府相关部门的监督。 The Company shall strictly abide by national laws, regulations, and the Articles of Association, maintain national interests and social public interests, and accept the supervision of relevant governmental departments.


本章程对公司、股东、执行董事、监事、经理均有约束力。 The Articles of Association have a binding force upon the Company, shareholders, executive director, supervisor, and manager.


本章程由全体股东共同订立,在公司注册后生效。 The Articles of Association are jointly made by all shareholders and shall take effect upon the registration of the Company.


公司增加或减少注册资本,必须召开股东会并由全体股东通过并作出决议。公司减少注册资本,还应当自作出决议之日起十五日内通知债权人,并于三十日内在报纸上公告。公司变更注册资本应依法向登记机关办理变更登记手续。 Any increase or decrease of the Company’s registered capital must be determined by the shareholders’ meeting and must be adopted and resolved by all shareholders. In the event that the Company makes resolutions on the decrease of the registered capital, the Company shall notify creditors of such matters within fifteen (15) days from the resolution date and make a public announcement on the newspaper within thirty (30) days. For any alternation in the registered capital, the Company shall go through the alternation registration procedure with the registration authority in accordance with laws.


股东之间可以转让部分股权,股东向股东以外的人转让股权,应当经其他股东过半数同意。股东应就其股权转让事项书面通知其他股东征 求同意,其他股东自接到书面通知之曰起满三十曰未答复的,视为同意转让。其他股东半数以上不同意转让的,不同意的股东应当购买该转让的股权;不购买的,视为同意转让。 Shareholders may transfer their part of equity. A shareholder shall obtain consent from half of other shareholders before transferring its equity to people other than shareholders. A shareholder intending to transfer its equity shall send a written equity transfer notification to other shareholders for consent. It is deemed that the transfer is approved if other shareholders do not give a reply within thirty (30) days after receiving the written notification. If more than half of shareholders other than the transferor disapprove the transfer, such shareholders shall buy the equity and it is deemed that shareholders who do not buy the equity approve the transfer.




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