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We assume you are quite busy after restart of the works in Urumqi after your long winter and we hope things are developing well and as planned. 漫长的冬季过后,乌鲁木齐的各项工作逐渐恢复,想必您一直忙于处理相关事宜。在此祝愿一切事宜能按原计划进展顺利。


After receipt of the bank guarantees which has been delayed mainly due to the evaluation of the new shipment schedule, the application of the bank guarantees and the very long courier service to Urumqi XX is looking forward to receive the last payments which are still due according to our Amendment 8 of the contract. We would appreciate if you could manage to transfer the remaining EUR 4.815.340 by April 14th 2014 at the latest. This would XX give the opportunity to proceed with the schedule as recently sent to you but would bear the risk for further interruption and delay in case the payment comes later. 由于重新评估新船期、银行保函之申请以及运送至乌鲁木齐等事耽误,银行保函已收悉。XX 期盼收到因合同第八条修订而仍处于待付状态的最后一笔款项。若您能于最迟 2014 年 4 月 14 日将剩余的4,815,340欧元汇给我们,将不胜感谢。这将有助于 XX 依照近期发送给您的安排表如期进行安排,同时亦可避免因其他中断或款项延误收到所带来的风险。


Mr. XX mentioned during his last stay in Urumqi that the installation supervisor needs to check and measure the foundations as well as he needs to be present for the erection of the tower. We kindly ask you to let us know minimum three weeks ahead of the planned tower erection that we can organize accordingly with company XX. XX先生提及其上次在乌鲁木齐执行公务之时,需要配置监督员以检验并测量地基,并现场监督塔楼的搭建工作。在此恳请您能于搭建塔楼前至少提前三周告知我方,以便我们能及时与XX公司进行协调。


We are looking forward to a very close communication and a close work together in our partnership for this important and huge project. Please let us know if you need further assistance and help from our side. 鉴于此大项目之重要性,盼能与您进行更密切的交流与合作。如需我方提供其他协助与支持,请及时与我们联系。




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