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Unprecedented growth in inbound and outbound passenger traffic, significant airport infrastructure investment, exciting new retail airport opportunities and a worldwide shift in market dynamics are placing Asia firmly in the spotlight when it comes to picking a poster child for global travel retail innovation. 出入境客流前所未有的增长,机场基础设施的大量投资,令人兴奋的机场零售业新机遇,世界范围内的市场动态转移,在谈及全球旅游零售创新的代表地区时,这些因素正稳稳地将亚洲置于全球聚光灯下。


In our interview with APTRA President XX, he sums it up by saying that there are “extraordinary opportunities” for the travel retail sector in Asia today, and with positive forecasts for passenger numbers across the region supported by the vast potential of regional BRIC powerhouses like India and China, the future of the region looks flashbulb bright for our industry. Underpinning sector development is a refocused approach to the customer experience, and this is set to be a hot topic on the show floor at this year’s TFWA AP event in Singapore. 在我们对亚太旅游零售协会主席 XX 的采访中,他总结说,现在的亚洲旅游零售业有着“非凡的机遇”,凭着由金砖四国强国,如印度和中国,提供的对该地区客运量的积极预测,对于我们行业而言,该地区的未来一片光明。基础部门的发展是一个重新得到重视的改善客户体验的方式,而这将注定成为今年在新加坡举行的亚太免税品博览会 (TFWA AP) 上的一个热门话题。


In this digital issue we talk to some of the region’s key influencers for a behind-the-scenes insight into how consumer engagement is driving spend and, ultimately, engendering loyalty in a highly competitive market environment. 在这一期的数字期刊中,我们与地区的一些具有影响力的重要人物进行了交谈,并幕后深入了解了消费者的参与是如何推动消费,并最终在竞争激烈的市场环境中产生忠诚度的。


From DFS’ restructuring of the customer journey at HKIA and the creation of true destination branding to the launch of the second edition of KLIA’s award-winning customer service initiative, the successful operators and retailers in the region are those for whom a thorough understanding of exactly what makes a passenger stop, react and reach for their wallet is what will see them grow market share between now and the end of the decade. 从 DFS 在香港国际机场进行客户旅程重组,并创造真正的旅游目的地品牌,到吉隆坡国际机场推出第二版屡获殊荣的客户服务举措,该地区成功的运营商和零售商完全了解能够让乘客驻足、作出回应并最终愿意掏腰包的因素,因此从现在到这个十年末,其市场份额还将不断扩大。


Airport capacity is also impacting future sector development and at gateway hubs like HKIA, where 102.3 million passengers are expected to use the airport by 2030, the introduction of a series of initiatives designed to maintain a premium customer experience as future capacity is expanded, are proving to be key to its continued commercial prominence. The construction of a number of new Midfield parking stands and pipeline plans for a three-runway system within the next few years are being actively supported in 2014 by on-the-ground improvements to the overall passenger journey. 机场容量也将影响本行业的未来发展,在门户枢纽,如香港国际机场,到 2030 年,预计将有 1.023 亿人使用该机场。该机场采用了一系列举措,以便在将来容量增大时,仍可确保优质的客户体验,这被证明是其维持商业优势的关键。2014 年,于未来几年内建设一批新的中场停机位及三跑道系统管道的计划正获得积极支持,可立即改善乘客的整个旅途体验。




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