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HUGO Menswear/ Themenintros HUGO 男装/ 主题前奏


Tech Nation 科技领域


The early days of the technology revolution in the 1990s influence a dynamic collection for Fall/Winter 2014 from HUGO. That decade saw fashion inspired by technology, while active sportswear also emerged as a significant influence on broader clothing design. Specifically, HUGO looks to Steampunk, a sci-fi genre that enthusiastically blends old (19th century Victorian influences abound) and new (modern technology), as well as Space Shuttle pilots from the early days of commercial space travel. For a new generation, HUGO Man develops these influences much further, energized by modern fabric innovation. From contemporary neoprenes to oily finishes, this collection is full of fresh ideas. The bomber jacket is a key piece, reinvented with the characteristic and meticulous HUGO focus on modern cuts and subtle details. The bomber is worked into a tailored jacket, or even explored in knitwear and jersey. The four-delivery collection ranges from a trans-seasonal delivery in the month of June through to deep-winter style delivered in September. The four deliveries have two themes: Steampunk ( June and July) and Electric Pilot (August and September). 20 世纪 90 年代早期进行的科技革命,成功打造了 HUGO 2014 年秋冬动力系列。那十年见证了科技带来的灵感源泉,充满活力的运动服也应运而生,对大量的服装设计产生了深远影响。HUGO 特地打造蒸汽朋克系列,这一科幻系列大胆融入新(现代科技)旧(19 世纪维多利亚时期所带来的巨大影响)风格以及太空商业游初期的宇航员元素。HUGO 男装受现代面料的创意启发,进一步大刀阔斧地改造新款服饰。从现在氯丁橡胶到光滑的外观,此系列极富创意。飞行夹克是主打单品,利用特色风格和 HUGO 专注于现代剪裁和细节的细腻之感,令飞行夹克如获新生。飞行外套打造成了修身夹克,或设计成针织衫和套头衫。发布的四款系列服饰既有六月发布的跨季服饰,也有九月发布的严冬款。四款系列服饰有两个主题:蒸汽朋克(六月和七月)与电力飞行员(八月和九月)。


Steampunk- Theme 1 & 2 蒸汽朋克 – 主题 1 & 2


Steampunk style mixes old and new with an energetic, original aesthetic, drawing on everything from Victorian influences to new technology. This broad influence is given a modern twist by HUGO Man, creating contemporary menswear with a technological edge. The color palette for June delivery is based on black, gray melange, deep navy, chocolate, mustard, camel, beige and optic white. For July, deep-sea blue replaces mustard in the mix. Fabrics include quilting that looks thoroughly modern but with a hint of old-world elegance too. That classic of men’s tailoring – the herringbone pattern – is radically reinvented in big sizes and technical fabrics. A computer dashboard print runs through tailoring, shirts and pants. The best-selling HUGO Super Black wool-viscose two-button single-breasted suit is reworked as the Super Navy suit. A new slim-fit suit has a standup collar. 蒸汽朋克风利用大胆原始的艺术之感,融入新旧风格,并汲取维多利亚时代服装所产生的影响中的一切风格元素,运用至高新科技之中。HUGO 男装为这一巨大影响带来了现代之感,利用科技时尚打造现代男装。六月发布的服饰,采用黑色、混合灰、藏蓝色、巧克力色、芥末色、驼色、米色和纯白色作为基础色调。七月发布的服饰,利用混搭风格,用深蓝色取代芥末色。面料使用拼布,看似现代感十足却不失一丝复古的高贵感。以大面积花纹和科技面料重新诠释男装经典剪裁花纹 – 人字形图案。电脑控制板印花图案充斥于剪裁、衬衫和裤装设计之间。HUGO 畅销款超级黑 (Super Black) 西装,选用羊毛粘胶丝制成,而这款单排双扣西装已被重新改造为超级海军 (Super Navy) 西装。这一新款修身西装采用了别致的立领设计。


June – July 六月 – 七月


Fabric and style mixes are everywhere. Sweatpants feature knitted cuffs. A tailored wool jacket with buttons on a chain has neoprene lapels. A neoprene sweater reflects active sportswear influences. Interesting details include sleeve pockets on leisure jackets and leather pockets on cotton shirts. Leather is dominated by a black palette, including a bomber jacket and biker jacket, plus a long leather biker coat. Denim sees the introduction of a new super-skinny super-stretch – super-sensual! For July delivery, take Steampunk style a step further in a tailored jacket with leather elbow patches and stud details, plus a pin-collar shirt with a titanium look, worn with super-skinny pants with zips at the cuffs. Other highlights include a sweater with boiled wool and plain knitted details; a bomber jacket in the computer dashboard print; and denim in stretch black-gray with zips at the knee and padded inserts. A denim jacket has faux leather sleeves, while the zip print on tees looks so real it might fool you. 面料与款式的混搭无处不在。运动长裤的裤口搭配特色针织设计。剪裁考究的羊毛夹克,在链条上装饰纽扣,并配备氯丁橡胶制成的大翻领。运动服选用氯丁橡胶制作而成,彰显活力运动风。细节也玩味十足,休闲款夹克的两袖上搭配口袋,棉质衬衫也装饰皮革口袋。飞行夹克、机车夹克以及长款机车皮外套,主要选用黑色皮革。牛仔布也采用了超修身新款,弹力极大,极为舒适!七月发布的服饰,利用肘部皮革拼接设计和饰钉细节,带领蒸汽朋克风进一步打造修身夹克,另具备钛金般外观的针孔领,可与超修身且裤口装饰拉链的长裤搭配穿着。另一亮点是水洗羊毛运动衫和平针细节;飞行夹克装饰电脑控制板印花图案;黑灰色弹力牛仔裤在膝盖处搭配拉链并有加厚衬垫。牛仔夹克的袖子由人造皮革制成,T 恤装饰拉链印花,让您误以为这是真正的拉链。




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