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XX Audio System XX音频系统


On what bases has been conceived the XX Audio System® technology ? XX 音频系统®技术基于何种构思?


During the last thirty years, the typology of loudspeakers did not almost evolve, because the majority of the innovations in the field of the audio reproduc tion concerned the sources and the signal processing (before amplification). 由于音频再现领域的绝大多数创新专注于声源和信号处理(在放大之前),因此近三十年来,喇叭类型学几乎没有发展。


The last technologies used in the consumer audio systems are mainly intended to add effects (ex: processors in the Home Cinema systems) and to return those systems “multimedia” by dematerializing supports (MP3 and DVD players, load by cards or USB), more than to improve the reproduction of the original recordings. 消费者音频系统中采用的最新技术主要是添加效果(例如:家庭影院系统中的处理器)并通过非物质化支持(MP3 和 DVD 播放器、用卡或 USB 载入)恢复这些系统的“多媒体”形式,而不是改进原始录音的重现效果。


The XX Audio System technology® was developed to bring a global solution of the inherent defects of the classic loudspeakers, relatives among others at the human perception and in the localization in the space of the emitted sounds. XX 音频系统技术®的开发旨在带来全球性解决方案,以解决传统喇叭的固有缺陷、人类感知方面以及发声空间定位方面的其他相关缺陷。


On the basis of the facts described below, by using the knowledge in electronics and in psycho-acoustic pulled by our experiment of the current technologies, this technology was developed to revolutionize the musical experience, making it more comfortable, by revealing the completeness of the recorded sound. 基于下文所述事实,利用我们当前技术试验所掌握的电子和心理声学知识,本技术的开发旨在通过展现录音的完整性,带来革命性的音乐体验,提高音乐的舒适度。




The music does not summarize to a simple sinusoidal undulation but to a very complex undulation which is the sum of thousand undulations, adding up constantly. 音乐并非一种简单的正弦波动,而是由无数个波动连续组成的一种极为复杂的波动。


The molecules of air form an «elastic medium» which propagates the sound, but which can also slow down it (size of the room, the materials, the present objects…) 空气分子形成的«弹性介质»可以传播声音,但也可以降低声音的传播速度(比如受房间大小、材料、障碍物遮挡的影响……)


The classic theories start from the principle that a pure sound «in phase» is set against a “out of phase” sound. This model does not exist in reality, except in situation of laboratory with

pure sound sources (generator of frequencies) and measured in anechoic room. In every

case, the end user is never in such an environment during the listening.



The current techniques of recording and treatment allow to record quality supports but the existing tools of diffusions (speakers with membrane) are the weak link of the restitution of the sound. Indeed, a membrane undergoes a strong request and cannot process all the information which it receives. 目前的录音和处理技术可以支持高品质的声音收录,但是现有的扩散工具(带膜扬声器)是声音复原中的薄弱环节。扬声器膜确实面对高品质的出声要求,无法处理接收到的所有声音信息。


At the level of the hearing perception, we have two tools to give a precise place in the space to a sound source: our two ears allow us to hear in three dimensions and our brain makes it an detailed analysis to calculate the results and be able to place the sound perceived in an acoustic environment with more or less of exactness. 在听觉感知层面,我们有两样工具可以定位声源在空间中的准确位置:那便是我们双耳与大脑。我们的双耳让我们倾听三维空间中的声音,然后大脑对声音进行详细分析来计算出结果并能够大致准确定位声音环境中感知到的声音。


The fact that our ears are spaced out entails an out of phase of the received sound and the brain uses it to deduct the information from it which concern the localization of the source and to define the sound space which surrounds it. 我们双耳的间隔分布让我们可以异相地接收声音,大脑利用此点推导用以定位声源的信息并确定声音周围的空间。







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