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关于参加第四届全国中外合作办学年会有关情况的报告 Report on Relevant Information of Attending the Annual Meeting of the Fourth Sino-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools


1、领导讲话精神 The Spirit of Leaders’ Speeches


(1)中外合作办学现状:改革开放35年来,我国教育对外开放一直在向前推进,初步形成了全方位、多层次、宽领域的格局。据教育部统计,《中外合作办学条例》颁布实施(2013年9月1日)10周年来,全国中外合作办学机构和项目共计1979个,其中项目1931个,占95.1%,机构48个(其中独立法人6个);在校生总数约55万人,其中高等教育阶段在校生约45万人,占全日制学生规模的1.4%;毕业生超过150万人;举办高校577所,“985工程”、“211工程” 大学79所,占16%;涉及到美国、英国、德国、法国等28个国家。趋势是:在学科专业上重点支持理工农医自然科学发展;在地域分布上支持中西部高校;在资源引进上坚持优质、开发新课程、引进师资、上新台阶;在改进管理上严控中介机构包办办学,严禁“连锁店”,加强评估。 (1) current situation of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools: during the past 35 years since reform and opening up, China has consistently pushed forward opening to the outside world in education, initially formulating an all-dimensional, multitier and wide-ranging opening pattern. According to the statistics by the Ministry of Education, during the past 10 years since Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools was promulgated and implemented (up to September 1, 2013), China has established and run 1,979 organizations and projects for Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools nationwide in total, of which 1,931 were projects, accounting for 95.1%, and 48 organizations (including 6 independent legal entities). There are about 550 thousand students at school, of which about 450 thousand are higher education students, making up 1.4% of the total number of full time students, with more than 1.5 million graduates. In addition, China has run 577 colleges or universities, of which 79 are in the category of Project 985 and Project 211, accounting for 16% of the total, involving 28 countries, including the United States, Britain, Germany and France. The trend to this regard is that in fields of study and professions, emphasis will be made on the development of science, engineering, agriculture, medical science and natural science; in geographical distribution, support will be given to colleges and universities from the central and western areas; in resource introduction, efforts will be made to reach a new level by attracting more high quality teachers and exploiting new curriculums; and in management improvement, any intermediary organ is prohibited from running schools to fend off multiple-shop way of running school, and assessment will be strengthened.


(2)近年来着力推进的工作:批准设立或筹建一批高起点机构和项目;重点围绕“两个平台(中外合作办学监管工作信息平台和中外合作办学颁发证书认证工作平台)、两个机制(中外合作办学质量评估机制和中外合作办学执法和处罚机制)”建设;组建了涉外办学管理处;进行审批权下放试点(xxxx);建设中外合作办学理论队伍,资政育人、服务社会。 (2) major missions achieved in recent years: efforts were made to approve the establishment or preparation for high quality organizations and projects, work primarily on Two Platforms (Supervision Information Platform for Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools and Certificate Issue Authentication Platform for Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools) and Two Mechanisms (Quality Assessment Mechanism for Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools and Law Enforcement and Punishment Mechanism for Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools), establish Administrative Office of Running International Schools, make experiments to transfer the examination and approval authority to local governments (xxxx), and organize a theoretical contingent of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools for the purpose of helping govern the country and educate its people as well as serving the society.


(3)下一阶段拟做的工作:教育部出台加强中外合作办学质量保障体系建设的指导意见;优化结构、布局,支持强强合作、典型示范;鼓励二级学院,推动举办学校改革发展;坚持类型统筹、学科统筹;坚持分类指导和管理,规范过程管理,保障师资质量;建立质量评价评估制度;推动国际联合资质认证;提倡颁发中外双方证书;实行年报制度,信息公开,社会监督。 (3) missions for the next stage: the Ministry of Education will enact instructions on strengthening quality guarantee system construction for Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, optimize structure and overall arrangement, support cooperation among giants to complement each other’s advantages and model demonstration, encourage the running of affiliated colleges and push forward school reform and development, insist on coordination of the same category and fields of study, insist on classification guidance and management, standardize process management and guarantee teacher quality, establish quality evaluation and appraisal system, promote international joint qualification certification, advocate the issue of certificates of Chinese and foreign sides, and implement annual report system and disclose information to accept social supervision.


2、大会报告 2. Plenary Lectures


会议安排了18个大会报告和主题发言。 18 plenary lectures and keynote speeches were given at the meeting.







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