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锐取获得《一种检测图像变化的方法》发明专利 Reach Awarded a Patent for “An Image Change Detection Method”


国家知识产权局于 2013 年 12 月 11 日授予锐取《一种检测图像变化的方法》发明专利证书。《一种检测图像变化的方法》专利号 ZL 2011 1 0235478.9, 于 2011 年提出专利申请。 On December 11, 2013, State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C issued a patent certificate to Reach, acknowledging the invention of “an image change detection method”. (with the patent number of ZL 2011 1 0235478.9) . Reach submitted the patent application for “an image change detection method” in 2011.


当时的录播市场上,在录制好视频图像文件后需要进行回放时,视频播放器一般都无法快速、精确的定位到指定的位置进行点播定位播放,无法在没有播放完视频的基础上知道视频文件录制的大致内容。 All the then video players were unable to quickly and precisely locate and play a wanted position in a video file. As a result, users would know the general content of a video file only after the video was finished.


针对上述视频播放器无法快速、精确的定位到视频文件指定的位置的这一技术缺陷,该实用新型提供了一种新的检测图像变化的方法,通过该项发明可以为录制文件形成一个标签,通过索引帧可以迅速、准确的对文件进行定位。 To address the problem mentioned above, Reach invented an image change detection method by tagging a recording file, allowing users to locate a position quickly and precisely in a recording file by index frames.


基于该技术,锐取在产品中加入了 PPT 索引、图片索引等功能,满足了用户快速搜寻和点播的需求。 Based on this technology, Reach adds some functions, including PPT index and image index, to its products to meet users’ requirements of quick search and VOD.


目前,国内很多录播产品都无法做到 PPT 索引和图片索引的功能,锐取的图像检测技术成功的填补了国内在该领域的空白,处于行业领先地位。 At present, most recording and streaming products in China cannot provide functions of PPT index and image index. Reach’s image detection technology makes it an industry leader by filling the gap in this field in China.



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