Online Travel Applications: Water Sellers Next to a Gold Mine

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互联网不可阻挡的向移动互联网转化。对于在线旅游来讲,移动APP是当下行业的颠覆者,也是未来的王者。 Internet has inevitably transformed into mobile Internet. Mobile applications are subverters and the next king in the current industry for online travel. 目前中国市场针对在线旅游的移动 APP 大约有 100 多个,主要分为一站式和细分化两种。采用一站式 APP 的往往是像携程、去哪儿这种在线旅游巨头,他们将优势资源的整合,为用户提供整体的产品服务。而从整体来讲还会一些有不起眼的 “尾单”,由于大公司操作成本的问题不会被巨头所重视,于是便留给了创业者从细分领域切入在线旅游的机会。 There are approximately more than 100 mobile applications of online travel websites in Chinese market, which are mainly divided into two categories: one-step applications and segmented applications. One-step applications are generally adopted by gigantic online travel websites, such as Ctrip and Qunar. These giants gather superior resources and offer integral product services for customers. Instead, as a whole, there are some obscure distractions which offer an opportunity enable entrepreneurs merge into online travel through the segment, because operation cost often overlooked by larger companies. From: The Iheima Translated by Sarah, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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