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[caption id="attachment_5223" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Notes"]Notes[/caption] Hi all, After I have been working in CCJK Translation Company as a Project Manager for nearly a month, I decide to write down some notes when I am handling translation tasks. 1. Clear up your mind before assigning project I prefer to considerate the preparation as the most important step throughout the project - we need to go through the whole project files to check the file integrality, to full-understand customer’s requirement, to classify the field of project, to choose the proper translator, to set up a good schedule (esp. for those time-consuming projects), etc. Because we Chinese people are always saying:”A good start leads to half success!” 2. Delivery by installments I found this concernment while I am handling my last project, not a too big one, but contains many documents at one time. As usual, I assigned it to a proper translator, marked the deadline, and waited for completion. Definitely, I’m not worthing my salt on this project. In order to improve the efficiency of the whole team, I should delivery this project by installments, not by whole. To be frank, I was taught about this part when I’m receiving position training, but when it comes to real project, there often comes out some carelessness. All in all, I’m happy that I could find out some mistakes of mine, I’m very sure that I will never make the same one again. 3. Organizing and Summarizing To be a excellent PM, you should get used to organize and summarize in a scheduled date. The schedule I set for myself is: twice for a week, once for a month. Anyway, there are so many things I need to settle down in the future, I will keep on taking notes and sharing at some day !

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