Microsoft is trying to stem the slide in market share of its mobile operating system in China with a push into the low-end smartphone market. 微软(Microsoft)正在努力遏制其移动操作系统在中国市场份额的下滑,手段是进入中国的低端智能手机市场。
Bringing the price of Windows smartphones down to Rmb1,000 ($158) in the Chinese market was the target, said Simon Leung, the company’s chief executive for Greater China. “We will continue to drive the price down,” he added. 微软大中华区首席执行官梁念坚(Simon Leung)表示,其目标是在中国市场上把Windows智能手机的价格降到1000元人民币(合158美元)。“我们将继续推动价格下降。”
The remarks came as Microsoft introduced Windows Phone 7.5, in China on Wednesday, the latest version of its mobile OS which it said runs better on cheaper and lower-powered devices. 本周三,微软在中国发布了Windows Phone 7.5,这是微软最新版本的移动操作系统,微软称,它能够更加流畅地运行于价格更低、能耗更小的设备上。
China is likely to be a key battleground in Microsoft’s attempt to increase market share in mobile devices as the country is expected to overtake the US as the world’s largest smartphone market by shipments this year according to IDC, the market intelligence company. 市场研究公司IDC指出,按出货量计,预计中国将于今年取代美国,成为全球最大的智能手机市场。由于微软试图扩大移动设备领域的市场份额,中国很可能成为关键战场。
In the fourth quarter of 2011, the share of Microsoft’s mobile operating system in the Chinese smartphone market by unit sales shrank to 1.2 per cent, from 5.2 per cent in the first quarter, as the share of devices running Google’s Android system soared from 33.6 per cent to 68.4 per cent, according to Analysys, the research firm. 据研究公司易观国际(Analysys)的数据,按照手机销量计算,微软移动操作系统在中国智能手机市场上的份额从2011年第一季度的5.2%跌至第四季度的1.2%,而运行谷歌(Google)Android系统的设备所占份额则从33.6%飙升至68.4%。
But Mr Leung said Microsoft would aim for the top spot in China. 不过梁念坚表示,微软的目标是争夺中国市场第一的地位。
Some Android smartphones from low-end local brands retail for less than Rmb500 in China, but the price tag for global brand devices is typically above Rmb2,000. 某些低端本土品牌推出的Android智能手机在中国市场的零售价不到500元人民币,但全球知名品牌的Android智能手机价格通常超过2000元人民币。
Microsoft has joined forces with HTC, Samsung, Nokia and ZTE to launch new Windows smartphones in China. 微软联合了HTC、三星(Samsung)、诺基亚(Nokia)和中兴(ZTE)在中国推出新型Windows智能手机。
Nokia’s Lumia device is set to launch on March 28. A China version of HTC’s Triumph is expected over the next week as well. ZTE said it would launch more Windows phones in China during the first half of this year. Samsung could not be reached for comment. 诺基亚的Lumia手机将于3月28日上市。HTC也将于下周推出Triumph的中国版。中兴表示,今年上半年将推出多款Windows手机。记者未能与三星取得联系。
HTC and Samsung have firmly positioned themselves in the high-end market in China, but ZTE said it expected Windows 7.5 phones to be entry-level products. HTC和三星在中国高端手机市场享有稳固地位,而中兴表示,该公司预计运行Windows 7.5的手机将是入门产品。

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