Logistics & Warehouse, an Advantage for Fresh Food E-commerce Enterprises over Other Rivals

物流仓储 生鲜电商兴起以后,一直都是“大电商忙布局小电商帮吆喝”的状态,这片蓝海是有目共睹的,即便有冷链及商品标准化困难等因素的限制,仍然阻止不了生鲜电商的持续升温。 Large e-commerce enterprises have kept busy making arrangements, while the small ones have been looking on with cheers since the fresh food e-commerce emerged. Obviously, the future of fresh food e-commerce is quite promising. Even though limited by such factors as cold chain, commodity standardization and etc., fresh food e-commerce has grown continuously and rapidly.

除了我买网、顺丰优选等生鲜专业平台的持续发力,天猫、京东也在卖力布局,亚马逊也于近期进入生鲜领域,就连山东航空也于近日开始试水生鲜冷链市场,围绕生鲜的整个产业链的各行业都有一试生鲜电商的打算。 Tmall and JD are striving hard, and Amazon has came into the field of fresh food recently except for great and constant efforts made by professional platforms of fresh food, like Womai, Sf Best and etc.. Even Shandong Airlines has also begun taking a try in the cold chain market of fresh food recently. Various industries in the whole industry chain of fresh food have planned to step into fresh food e-commerce.

总体说来,生鲜电商促就了物流行业的发展,并且促成物流仓储行业步入新规范时代,新规范包括以下几点: Overall, fresh food e-commerce promotes the development of logistics industry, and as a result, logistics & warehouse industry enters an era of new standards. These new standards are as follows:

1、恒温仓,用于存储巧克力、红酒等需恒温保存的食品,并对高温高湿期间的粮油米面予以特殊存储保护; 2、高位货架及阁楼货架,提高仓库存储能力,库房空间利用率最大可提高 150% 以上; 3、输送线,消除捡货车推动造成的时间及劳动强度浪费; 4、多区域同时并行拣货模式及自动集货分拣系统,提升拣货效率,缩短订单处理时间; 5、自动集货及分拣系统( WCS 系统),可视化操作,提高分拣准确率及订单处理能力。 1. Thermostatic warehouses for storing chocolate, red wine and other foods that need to be kept in constant temperatures, and special storage protection should be provided to grain, oil, rice and noodles during the period of high temperature and humidity; 2. High goods shelves and attic shelves for improving warehouse storage capacity, and warehouse space utilization rate can increase by more than 150% at most; 3. Transmission lines for eliminating the waste of time and labor caused by picking carts; 4. Multi-zone simultaneous picking mode and automatic collecting & sorting system for improving picking efficiency and reducing order processing time; 5. Automatic collecting & sorting system (WCS system) and visualized operations for improving sorting accuracy and order processing capability.

当前,业界公认的物流仓储新规范包括以上 5 点,这也是我买网继打造生鲜仓库规范之后打造的物流仓储新标准。 Currently, the new specifications for logistics storage widely recognized by the industry include the above 5 items, which is also the new standard for logistics storage created by after its specification for warehouse of fresh foods. 生鲜电商自诞生以来就颇受争议,不能忽视的是这个领域确实还是一片蓝海,以此各大电商平台及生鲜产业链上的各行业都想进入分一杯羹。相对传统电商而言,进入这个领域的门槛更高,高的不只是生鲜品类的供应问题,更重要的是在物流仓储上,这一点足以决定生生鲜电商的存亡。 The fresh food E-business has been controversial since its naissance; however, it cannot be neglected that this sector is really a blue ocean so that all major E-business platforms and each industry on the fresh food industry chain want to take a share. For traditional E-business companies, the threshold to enter the sector is higher, which is embodied in not only the supply of fresh foods but also the logistics storage, an element critical to the success or failure of a fresh food E-business company. 目前,真正做生鲜的大拿们已经进入了新的竞争阶段,即物流仓储与产地直供的比拼,这意味着,生鲜电商以后的发展将遵循“唯快不攻,唯鲜不破”的原则,那些做不到这点的生鲜电商们以及正要进入改行的商家们,应该重新考虑自己的定位了。 Now, it is a new competitive stage for companies engaging in fresh food business, i.e. the competition between logistics storage and direct supply from origin, which means the fresh food E-business companies shall develop on the principle of “fast & fresh” in the future and those unable to realize it and about to enter the sector shall re-consider their orientation.

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