Literal Translation & Free Translation (Continued)

However, sometimes you may find literal translation is not appropriate for delivering smooth or accurate expression. In this case, you’d better try free translation to some extent. For example: Coating Method of the Future 未来的涂层方法 目前先进的涂布方式 combined operation for a wide range of packaging functions, efficiently applying multiple coatings in a single, precise, and repeatable operation 实现多种包装功能的组合操作,通过单一、精确和可重复的操作有效喷涂多个涂层 实现多种包装功能的组合操作,通过单一、精确和可重复的操作有效地进行多层涂布 Less coating heads and smaller drying units create enable compact systems at a lower investment cost. 喷涂头更少,干燥单元更小,因此系统更加紧凑,投资成本更低。 涂布站更少,节省干燥单元,因此系统更加紧凑,投资成本更低。 Efficient Starch Preparation Systems are required to store and prepare the starch powder onsite, adding and mixing precise ingredients as required, and to disperse the resulting starch-based solution. 需要有效的淀粉制备系统,储存并现场制备淀粉,按规定精确添加和混合各种成分,并分离出制备好的淀粉溶液。 高效的胶料制备系统,要求包括粉状淀粉的现场储存和制备、按成分配方要求精确添加和混合、制备成胶料泥浆。 Free translation is also popular when translating movie names and advertisement titles. For example: Top Gun 壮志凌云 Mission Impossible 谍中谍 The Fugitive 亡命天涯 The Matrix 骇客帝国 Sister Act 修女也疯狂 The Building Blocks of Your Success 为您构筑成功的基石 “捷”伴而行“成”就未来 Xx strengthens management team Xx 强化管理团队建设 Xx 如虎添翼 网罗精英管理人才 In a word, we cannot only depend on either approach for high quality translation. We should translate in a flexible way so as to deliver accurate, enthusiastic, and powerful translation.

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