literal translation and free translation

 For translation, literal translation and free translation can complement each other, while has its own strong points. To prevent some errors of literal translation, in generally, the place where are errors should be free translation. Several types of mistakes for literal translation as below. 1. the literal translation errors in negative sentences. There are a number of different English negative sentence, some of which sentence can not use completely with literal translation method, otherwise it will make mistranslation, even with the intent contrary, the following types of negative sentences are worth noting: 1). part of the negative sentence, this sentence is different from the Chinese form of thinking. I do not know all of them. 误:对他们我都不认识。 正:对他们我不是个个都认识。 All the answers are not right. 误:所有答案都不对。 正:答案并非全对。 Every body wouldn't like it. 误:每个人都不会喜欢它。 正:并不是每上人都会喜欢它。 2). part pattern in a single negative sentece It is a long lane that had no turning. 误:那是一条没有弯的长巷。 正:无论多长的巷也有弯的地方(路必有弯,事必有变)。 It is a wise man that never makes mistakes. 误:聪明人从不犯错误。 正:无论怎样聪明的人也难免犯错误。 2. errors of long sentence for literal translation In the long English sentences more complex relationship exists, it is difficult to use a language according to the principle expressed in the order, which would be based on the characteristics and internal links of the English sentences for free translation, there are three main approaches of long sentence that can’t use literal translation 1) according to the internal logic of the sentence and chinese translation of expression. Eg. The pricing in particular could be crucial in putting Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 back in competition with its smartphone rivals. 要想让微软Windows Phone 7操作系统重新在智能手机市场与对手展开竞争,定价尤其关键。 2)some long sentences require literal translation integrating into free translation, a comprehensive treatment. Eg. For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning. Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun, so shall he descend to our roots and shake them in their clinging to the earth. 爱会给你戴上桂冠,也会折磨你。爱会助你成长,也会给你修枝。爱会上升到枝头,抚爱你在阳光下颤动力的嫩枝,也会下潜至根部,撼动力你紧抓泥土的根基。

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