Yes (logical)
Oo (OH-OH) (informal)   Opo (OH-po) (formal)

No (logical)
Hindi (hin-DEE) (informal)   Hindi po (formal)

Yes (to have or there are some)
Mayroon (MAY-ron) (informal, also ‘Meron’)   Mayroon po (formal)

No (to not have or there is none)
Wala (wa-LAH) (informal)   Wala po (formal)

I don’t know
Hindi ko alam. (informal)   Hindi ko po alam. (formal)

Hi/Hoy (Like the word ‘High’ – same as in English, ‘Hoy’ is more attention-getting and less polite) (informal)

How are you?
Kamusta ka? (informal)   Kamusta po kayo? (formal)

Fine, thank you.
Ayos naman, salamat. (Ayos nahman, sahlahmat)   Mabuti po, salamat. (formal)

And you
Ikaw? (ee-COW) (informal)   Kayo po? (formal)

Mabuti (mah-BOO-tee)   Mabuti po (formal)

What is your name?
Anong pangalan mo? (informal)   Ano po ang pangalan nila? (formal)

My name is ______ .
Ako si ______ .   Ang pangalan ko ay si _______. (literal)

Note as shown above, markers (si/ni/kay) are mandatory before a person’s name — no exceptions (other than one word answers)

Nice/pleased to meet you.
Kinagagalak kong makilala ka. (informal)  Kinagagalak ko po kayong makilala. (formal)

paki usap po

Thank you.
Salamat (informal)   Salamat po (formal)

Thank you very much
Maraming salamat (informal)   Maraming salamat po (formal)

You’re welcome.
Walang anuman. (literally it is nothing)

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