We understand the obstacles that hinder effective communication for financial services firms. Bearing that in mind, we provide consistent, effective and efficient translations that enhance the image of your company.
Our comprehensive and professional solutions provide the highest quality translation while ensuring confidentiality and data security. Whether you require our services for your clients, regulatory or marketing purposes, we are fully equipped to cater all your needs. We are not just your translation service provider, we are your complete localization partner.

corporate translation

Corporate Translation

We work with a rich network of 5000 translators who have been trained to work at an optimum speed while providing highly consistent, quality and accurate services. We have a comprehensive screening process that ensures an unrivaled finesse in all our translations.

Retail Banking

All documents related to retail banking require to be translated with great accuracy, consistency and efficiency. We deem it absolutely essential that all our translators have an apt experience in the respective field so they are able to meet all your customized demands and needs.



At CCJK, we provide complete localization solution for all your insurance documents. We strive to make all your procedures that require translations as seamless as possible. We ensure that all your data is protected, all your regulatory requirements are duly met and all your proceedings are kept confidential.

The most frequently requested financial documents

Shareholder Reports, Annual Reports, Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs), Financial Instruments, Initial Public Offerings, Requests for Proposals, Banking Website, ATM Prompts, Card Promotions, Store Signage, Compliance/OFAC Documentation, Life & Retirement Policies, Property Casualty Documentation, Financial Reporting, Accounting Policies, Security Documentation, Claims, Regulations and Compliance Governance.

the most frequently requested financial documents

Better Quality Control System

Faster, better, more reliable translation services for you:

ISO 9001-2008

Our quality control system strictly follows the ISO: 9001-2008 standards to ensure the quality and speed of every project.

Strict Working Flow

CCJK’s structured work-flow ensures consistency of quality across projects no matter the size. Every client enjoys the best we have to offer.

Dedicated Project Manager

A dedicated project manager is assigned to each CCJK client, monitoring the work performed and responding to clients’ ongoing/changing needs.

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