Kingsoft Invests $ 90 Million to Thunder

Kingsoft 2014 年 4 月 3 日,金山软件(股份代号:03888.HK)正式对外宣布将斥资 9000 万美元投资迅雷,认购 31,939,676 股迅雷 E 轮优先股,按全面转换及摊薄基础计算,占其股份总数的 9.98%。 On April 3, 2014, Kingsoft (03888.HK) announced its planned investment of 90 million USD to subscribe 31,939,676 shares of Thunder’s Series-E preferred stock which account for 9.98% of the total shares after full conversion and dilution.

对于此次投资,金山软件董事长雷军先生表示:“迅雷作为中国领先的互联网公司之一,在高速下载和视频业务方面,有着独特的优势,我们非常看好他们未来的发展战略。与此同时,我们相信通过此次投资,也会为金山软件和迅雷之间带来更多的业务合作机会。” With regard to this investment, Mr. Lei Jun, the president of Kingsoft, said: “As one of the leading Internet companies in China, Thunder has its unique advantages in high-speed downloading and video business and we are very optimistic about its future development strategies. At the same time, we believe this investment will bring more opportunities for business cooperation to Kingsoft and Thunder.”

金山软件通过全面转型移动互联网,已在互联网安全、办公软件、网络游戏以及云计算等领域取得了显著发展,旗下相关产品及服务的月度活跃用户数量已超 3 亿,跻身行业前列。 Kingsoft has made great achievements in such fields as Internet safety, office software, online games and cloud computing through full transition to the mobile Internet with over 300 million monthly active users for its products and services, becoming one of the industrial leaders.

金山软件集团 CEO 张宏江博士同时表示:“金山已经基本完成了向互联网的转型,我们希望能寻求与更多合作伙伴开展更广泛的合作,使我们现有的产品和服务为更广大的用户提供更好的体验和价值。通过此次投资,我们将谋求与迅雷更深入的合作。” Dr. Zhang Hongjiang, CEO of Kingsoft, said: “Kingsoft has basically completed the transition to Internet and we hope to seek broader cooperation with more partners to enable our products and services to bring better experience and values to more users. Through this investment, we will seek deeper cooperation with Thunder.”

From: The Kingsoft Translated by Steve, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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