Have just seen a danmu film in the cinema

danmu 得知北京有一个电影院要在播放《小时代 3》的时候加入弹幕功能,而且是“全球首场”,我立刻就一惊一乍地加入了他们的行列。 Having heard that a cinema in Beijing would add danmu function to Tiny Times III when it is on to create the first danmu film in the world, I immediately went to see it. 弹幕起源于网络,意思是说,网友们在看视频时,可以在视频下方的评论框里输入自己的评论,提交之后自己的评论可以直接显示在视频里,相当于边看视频边看网友的评论。 Originating from network, Danmu means that netizens can enter their remarks into the comment box below the videos when they watch them and then the submitted comments can directly appear on the screen. That’s to say, you can view comments from other netizens while watching videos. 弹幕是一种非常好的互动方式,在看视频的时候你会感到此时此刻不是你一个人在看,而是有成百上千的人同事和你看,大家都能畅所欲言。 Danmu is quite a good interactive mode, because you will not feel alone when watching videos. But instead, hundreds or thousands of people are accompanying you and everyone can express his/her opinions freely. 那么,观众如何在电影院里使用弹幕呢?下面是这次活动的图片报道,但不保证图片质量。 So, how danmu is used by the audience in the cinema? Below are the picture reports about that activity and the picture quality is not guaranteed. 进入影院之后,首先要做的第一件事就是链接影院的 WiFi ,这样就可以进入生成弹幕的页面。下面这个截图就是进去之后看到的界面:你可以为自己起名字,也可以设置字体颜色。请其他影院尽快热情洋溢地抄袭起来。 The first thing after entering the cinema is to have WiFi connections, so you can move to the page that generates danmu. The following screenshot is the page interface: you can have an ID and set the font color. Other cinemas, please copy this mode as soon as possible with enthusiasm. 点击“发言上银幕”,你就可以在银幕上看到自己的发言了。但是,根据现场情况来看,连不上 WiFi 的情况时有发生,所以很多观众打出来的第一句话都是:矮马,憋死老娘了。等等。 Click the “message onto the screen”, and you can see it appear on the screen. But, from the real situation, failures to connect to WiFi occurred so often. So the first message sent by a wide audience: my god, finally, I have made it, and so on. 我们可以看到,有很多 ID 都很博人眼球,例如:郭敬明、韩寒、蔡依林。等等。一些国家领导人的名字也随即出现了,但是很快被管理员制止。 We can see that many ID names are eye-catching, such as Jing M.Guo, Han Han, Jolin Tsai and so on. Also, some IDs bearing the names of national leaders have appeared soon, but they are prohibited immediately by the administrator. 主办方为了防止大家的手机没电,还特地准备了充电宝。一旦你的手机没电,就可以发一个弹幕:我是 7 排 19 号,充电宝在哪?这时,银幕上就会有一个充电宝的 ID 回复你说:谁叫我呀?之类的 The organizer has prepared mobile power banks especially for the dead phones. Once your phone runs out of power, you can send a message: I am No.19 in Row 7, and where is the mobile power bank? Then, an ID carrying the “mobile power bank”will reply on the screen: who calls me? And the like. 总的来说,整场电影充满了欢声笑语,我认为虽然组织很仓促,但活动非常成功。实现弹幕或许不需要太高的技术含量,但是对很多比较有争议的电影而言,这是一种吸引更多观众进入影院的绝佳方式。这一次,大家其实都不是来看电影的,都是来玩弹幕的,有的人甚至看了四遍(……)电影,为了弹幕,也要来看第五遍。 In general, the whole film was full of happy laughers and voices. I think that although the organizing was very hasty, the activity was pretty successful. Maybe, it does not require too high technology to achieve danmu, but for many relatively controversial films, this is a best way to attract more audience to the cinema. This time, in fact, everyone went to play with danmu, not for film. Even someone who had seen the film four times came for the fifth time just for danmu.

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