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CCJK is a leading innovator in software development and an experienced mobile app developer that has served both start-up businesses and reputable big corporations worldwide. Years of dedication has helped CCJK forge a streamlined mobile app development workflow and build up the capability to work with apps built with latest technologies.

Why choose CCJK?

  1. Extensive experience in developing mobile apps for various mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Symbian and Blackberry.
  2. Devoted to catering for international clients across all continents. Multilingual development perfectly supported.
  3. Staffed with expert programmers and designers who continuously advance their craftsmanship.
  4. Featured one-stop solution covering from concept and design to publishing and marketing.

Mobile Website Design & Development

Penetrating every aspect of people’s life, smartphones have become a much preferred handheld gadget whereby people access the Internet. Due to many technical complexities, most current websites cannot be presented in the proper form on the smartphone. However, missing the drastically growing number of mobile web browsers will mean letting out this super-huge online community that might push your business to a new height.

To well address the compatibility issue, CCJK has gathered some of the most talented front-end engineers specializing in HTML5 as well as other newest technologies, and has come out with proven solutions for the adjustment of websites that help them perfectly fit in mainstream web browsers on the smartphone while maintaining their functional layout and aesthetic style.

iPhone Application Development

Apple’s iPhone is viewed as a most successful business endeavor in recent years and billions of iPhone application downloads have been made since the launch of Apple App Store as of July 10, 2008. This revolutionary product not only changes the landscape of the mobile phone industry, but has an even further impact to people’s life.

Now, with this very gadget, a simple idea that either eases ordinary life or entertains the community can easily turn into multimillion dollars worth of business. With a super competent development team experienced in the iPhone application development, CCJK is ready to push your life-changing sparkles into actual cutting-edge iPhone applications that return millions or even billions in profit.

iPad Application Development

A despite previous unsuccessful attempts, Apple finally came out with the iPad in 2010, a matured tablet computer which officially industrialized tablet computing and opened up new business prospect for software developers. According to the latest findings, iPad is expected to take 83% of the tablet computing market share in the United States.

The iPad runs on iOS, the same operating system iPhone and iPod Touch are used on. The early engagement in iPhone application development has helped CCJK accumulate rich experience working with iOS SDKs and endowed its engineering team with the indigenous gift in iPad application development.

The creative minds at CCJK always think out of the box and offer perfecting guidance to your original idea of the iPad application, making it more suited to run on a 9.7″ screen and a big success beyond your expectation.

Android Application Development

Through the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), Google formed an Open Source Alliance with a dozen renowned names in the electronics industry, which successfully pushed the Android Operating System to the No. 1 place in market share. According to the latest figures, Android phones are the best-selling smartphones worldwide, with more than 300 million devices in use and over 10 billion application downloads made up to date.

The need for good Android applications is soaring sky high along with the surge of Android phone users. CCJK, with creative minds and elite software engineers, prides itself in being fully capable of turning ideas into actual cutting-edge Android applications that can break market barriers with the least effort.

Windows Phone 7 Application Development

Windows Phone 7 is Microsoft’s newly developed mobile operating system which is meant to supersede the old type Windows Mobile. Despite the scarcity of Windows phones in use compared to the enormous number of Android and iPhone users, this new operating system has received many favorable reviews from within the industry. In 2011 alone, Windows Phone 7 received three awards at the International Design Excellence Awards.

The greatest part of Windows Phone 7 lies in its integration with other essential Microsoft applications and social networking services. And as the extension of its functionality, third-party development SDKs are also provided. And CCJK, with profound expertise in Visual Studio and Microsoft .Net development, is able to instantly migrate to the development of Windows Phone 7 applications and cope with new technical challenges in the shortest turnaround.

Blackberry Application Development

Blackberry is an ideal tool for business communication with its featured fast receiving and pushing of emails and high level of info security. Aside from secure and efficient email communication, Blackberry offers every functionality extension as other platforms do by providing various APIs for third-party developers.

Fully understanding the functional context of the Blackberry handsets, CCJK strives to offer most business-friendly application development services to help facilitate the experience using Blackberry as a personal digital assistant (PDA). Also, CCJK has rich experience and proven skills in making Blackberry a media center by developing series of recreational applications as well.

Symbian Application Development

Symbian used to rule the smartphone market, once taking up 73% of the market at its peak in 2006. With smartphone manufacturers migrating to other competing platforms like Android and Windows Phone 7, Symbian has been losing its market share lately. However, there are still a great many communities of Symbian users all across the globe who are not likely to change their mobile in near future and their demand for good Symbian applications is on a continuous surge.

With years of experience immerging in the development of Symbian applications, CCJK has proven expertise of creating various ultra user-friendly applications for Symbian handsets and strives to offer client-oriented development services.

Streamlined Mobile App Development Process

7 Specific Steps of  Workflow

1. Inquiry 

(Gathering Business Requirements)

You send an inquiry noticing us of what exact features you need of the application and relevant info.

2. Analysis

(Defining Functional Requirements)

Based on the business requirements provided, we define the technical challenges and how they can be overcome.

3. Quotation & Order

We give a quote, and you decide whether to award us the order.

4. Coding

When the order is confirmed, the coding process takes place.

5. Go Live!

Launch the application in app stores and the reaping season starts.

6. Testing

Both functional and performance tests will be run by our dedicated test engineers for the perfection of the application.

7. Documentation

(For Future Maintenance & Updates)

Necessary technical documents are developed for the facilitation of future maintenance and updates.

Post-Development Marketing

Barely creating a good mobile application does not lead to desired outcome in today’s fierce competition, and what matters even more is how the application is launched and promoted. To monetize your application, expert marketing and operating strategies are the essential key.

Simply there are no universally good marketing strategies for all types of application, but you certainly will hate to miss those perfectly suitable for your particular application. With a profound understanding of the mobile application market and years of experience guiding its clients to the final triumph, CCJK is ready to help popularize your applications and monetize the traffic.

This is an optional marketing support that most of our clients choose to make good use of when carrying out their marketing plan. Our expertise has well alleviated their pain of stumbling in the mist not knowing the right direction and how obstacles to their success can be breached.

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