What is E-Marketing?

By definition, E-marketing refers to the application of marketing rules and techniques via electronic media to promote one’s products or services over the Internet. It includes all business activities conducted on the Internet in order to achieve marketing objectives, such as graphic design, promotion advertisement, and online customer service, etc.

The Benefits of E-Marketing

1. Affordable

  • To build up a nice website is much cheaper than to own a store front, which requires expensive investment on the rent, decoration, utilities and many other expenses in this nature. And marketing online requires a minimal cost for system set-up. Not to mention the cost of managing the salespersons and maintaining the relationships with customers.
  • To do marketing on the Internet can reduce the inventory to a minimal scale possible. The vendors can replenish the stock even after the orders are settled without putting them in the showcases. In this way, the operation can be lowered further and in return, the prices become more competitive compared with those sold in a physical store.

2. Easy

A manufacturer or business had to invest a fortune to develop distribution channels in the past with a majority of profits earned going into the pockets of distributors, which at the end raises the prices of the products. E-marketing cuts off the links in-between and simplifies the whole procedure by connecting business owners directly with consumers. The result is a considerable reduce on prices that is beneficial to both.

3. Efficient

Promotion information can be delivered straight to multiple recipients regardless of geographic difficulties and it could be done in a second by a click of the mouse. And with the help of E-marketing, a business owner can even specify the target group of people with a defined and accurate strategy.

4. Customized

The use of Internet makes it easier to collect information of the consumers. It helps identify the needs and developed a specific strategy, enabling one-on-one marketing that greatly improves the conversion rate. And the constant follow-up and instant FAQs made possible by E-marketing also enhance users’ experience and their loyalty.

E-marketing Service at CCJK

CCJK provides proven solutions for all types of the E-marketing services including search engine optimization and placement, direct opt-in email marketing campaigns, e-newsletter solutions, web site optimization, research, tactical strategy, and much more. Our solutions enable e-businesses to run cohesive, broad-based marketing programs that utilize multiple applications and tools for greater reach and effectiveness. With monitoring and analysis of results by our E-marketing services, companies can continually refine and enhance their offerings and change the strategies to ensure higher success rates of their business.

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