With the popularization of Internet, more and more websites are going into E-commerce, making it increasingly relevant with daily life. But what exactly is E-commerce?

As the name suggests, E-commerce or Electronic Commerce means product or service trading taking place on the cyber environment, which enables buyers and sellers to make deals without meeting each other. Approximately, it can be considered as the electronized pattern of traditional business mode and is becoming more important with the acceleration of the economic globalization.

It is all known that, to widen the target market is a starting and significant step in business expanding. E-commerce makes it faster to get transactions done in a global context by a few clicks, which sounds like a fairytale to an old-fashioned and stubborn ear. In the times of Mobile Internet, only those market-minded can make a difference and achieve the success of winning business both online and offline.

Whole-hearted E-Commerce Website Development Service

To tailor an e-commerce website that can help you take the marketing high ground, CCJK strives to offer comprehensive communication listening to your specific expectation of the website and a streamlined workflow whereby we can structure websites with discrepant features in the soonest time.

Complete Process


You may communicate with us by whatever means to your convenience on what a website you wish to build. Whether it is instant telephone call, email, Skype, MSN, AOL Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ or whatever other IM communication tools, we will be more than happy to listen to your specific requirements.


We may help you sketch out the all-around idea of your desired market-oriented corporate website by the most professional questionnaire.

Free Homepage Design

In 24 hours upon us receiving your finished questionnaire, we will draw an impression design of your website homepage, so that you can get a visual impression of our design and give possible arts direction as well. And this is for free!

Free Prototype

In 24 hours upon you confirming on the homepage design, we will provide a brain map of your desired website, which aims to help you learn what your future website will be like, including the site structure, layout, artistic style, etc. And this is also for free!


If you please, you may place your order with us and we will open a client account that enables you to monitor the corporate website development progress anytime.

In-progress Test

We will provide free test space so that you may review the in-progress corporate website and run online functionality test.

Website Finishing

In 3-5 workdays, a brand new website that perfectly meets your pragmatic needs and marketing context will be fully delivered.

Free Maintenance

Depending on the type of your website, we may provide free corporate website maintenance for 1-3 months after the completion of the website development.

Extensive Corporate Website Functionalities

Easy product management and secure transaction are two most wanted features of e-commerce websites. Along with other popular functionalities, CCJK prides itself in offering a full suite of e-commerce website features:

  • CMS: Convenient management of website content.
  • Product Management: you can
    1. Set up multiple categories and subcategories of the product.
    2. Submit products in batches.
    3. Add/edit/delete product attributes.
    4. Track real-time stock status and file stock report.
    5. Display featured products in featured showcase.
    6. Manage prices by group.
    7. Sort out products by different attributes, e.g. price, manufacturer, etc.
  • Product Search: This allows visitors to
    1. Fast find the particular product by multiple means.
    2. Conduct advanced product search.
  • Product Promotion: Advantageous product promotion schemes available, e.g. coupon, voucher, credit, etc.
  • Secure Payment: Perfect support to Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Paypal, AliPay, etc.
  • Transaction Solutions: Secure online order and payment.
    1. Multiple shipping and tax policy systems
    2. Multiple secure payment options.
    3. Automatic invoice issuing and easy management.
    4. Convenient management of orders, amounts, and shipping status, etc.
    5. Automatic email notification on the order and payment.
  • Multilevel Authority Management: This allows sophisticated multilevel authority management.
  • SEO: Powerful search engine optimization.
  • Multi-media Management: Easy upload, presentation, and management of audios and videos.

Leave All Technical Trivia to the Pros and Focus on What You Excel At!

With CCJK one-stop E-commerce Solution, you can have the whole package of worry-free professional services on E-commerce website development and Internet marketing. Thus, you will be able to draw yourself out from the technical trivia and concentrate on the strategic marketing which you excel at!

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