IT Services

CCJK well comprehends the philosophy of globalization, computing and the impact of this modernization on business. We provide global IT services for desktop-based business solutions, web-based business solutions, mobile applications, enterprise solutions for stepping up the business globally; and continued SEO, E-Commerce & E-Marketing for providing a backbone for competing the international market and to multiply the profits achieving remarkable return on investment.

Desktop development

Nowadays, desktop-based solutions are needed for small, medium and large business as well to facilitate them with dynamic performances of ease access to information as well as for client handling purposes. We have a team of experts with rich experience and expertise to offer a variety of desktop-base solutions for clients. The solutions provided by CCJK are cost-effective, compatible with multiple operating systems and they are guaranteed to function perfectly per clients’ requirements and to be delivered on time.
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Web development

CCJK’s web-based development team is able to provide a complete portfolio of custom services for your specific needs. We will assist in developing market-friendly solutions for clients looking to transcend into the top tier of businesses in their niche. Businesses that are trying to find solutions to improve scale-ability,  portability , accessibility and quality can always be satisfied with our web-based development services.

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Mobile app development

CCJK is an experienced mobile app developer and has served start-up businesses and industry-leading corporations since its IT division was founded. We are developing various apps for all kinds of smartphones and tablets available in the market. High quality and affordable as our services are, we have received many positive evaluations from clients who had worked with us. From the beginning of a project to the time when it is finished, even during a period after the project is delivered, we are always available so the clients know where they could turn to when they need helps.

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Corporate website

CCJK is providing professional corporate website in an effective, stylish and affordable way. With a good and appropriate website, not only the brand image but also the online presence of your business in the market could be greatly improved. Committed to network front-end technologies, user experience, SEO,  SEM and others, we are providing services of the best value for the money spent by the clients though we know our services might not be the cheapest in the market.

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Hospitality and entertainment

The industries of hospitality and entertainment are highly competitive and the key to stand out for a business always lies in how to make yourself appear different and perform better. CCJK is here to offer custom solutions for every individual business to address its unique concerns. The services are affordable and of great value and quality, and they include application development, system development and many others.

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