How to translate Chinese Sentences without a Subject

Sentences without a subject are common in Chinese, such as “下雨啦!”, “真的把我饿坏了。”, and “原来那片空地上建了好多商业大楼。”). However, in English, a sentence generally requires a subject. In this way, when translating sentences without a subject from Chinese to English, you have to add a subject or change the sentence pattern for proper sentence structure and English grammar. Here are some methods. 1. Use passive voice in your translation. Convert the object in Chinese sentence to the subject in your translation. In English, passive voice is generally used for cases in which the focus is on the action. When describing regulations and rules, passive voice is also employed. 原来那片空地上建了好多商业大楼。 Plenty of commercial office buildings have been built on that vacant land. 最近出现了一种治理阿兹海默症的新方法。 A new approach for addressing the alzheimer's disease was recently appeared in the market. 必须在本订单规定的期限内交付货物或完成服务。 Delivery and/or performance must be completed within the term stated on this PO. 公共场所禁止吸烟 Smoking is forbidden in public places. 2. Use the sentence structure of “There + be…”, “It + be… to…” and so on. When translating Chinese proverbs, sayings, or philosophic words without a subject, you may adopt the above sentence structures. 活到老,学到老 It is never too old to learn. 空穴来风,未必无因 Where there's smoke, there's fire. 世上无难事,只怕有心人 Where there's a will, there's a way. 3. Reverse the order of the words in your translation. When translating some Chinese sentences without a subject, which are aimed to express the existence, appearance or disappearance of something, you can reverse the order of the words for natural translation. 必须在所有票据、提单、装箱单、包装箱和往来信件中标明订单编号。 The PO number must appear on all invoices, bills of lading, packing slips, cartons and correspondences. 在本次展销会上,和国外名牌电脑产品一道展出的还有国产品牌多媒体个人计算机。 Along with those famous foreign brand computers, China’s well-known latest models of multimedia PCs were also presented at this trade fair. 这样,在进行灭菌操作前可以发现器械上存在的污染物,此时器械需接受其他的清洗操作。 Thanks to this unique feature, contamination can be spotted before the sterilization procedure, in which case the instrument can be subjected to another cleaning cycle. 4. Use imperative sentences. When translating Chinese slogans, orders or calls without a subject, sometimes you can adopt imperative sentence pattern. 请勿吸烟。 No smoking. 此处禁止停车。 No parking. 闲人免入。 Authorized personnel only. 请勿践踏草坪。 Please keep off the lawn. 5. Add an appropriate pronoun or noun as the subject in your translation. When translating Chinese sentences without a subject, you can also add an appropriate pronoun or noun based on the context to make the English sentence complete. 不经一事,不长一智 You cannot gain any real experience without practices. 青年人和老年人不同,女青年和老太太也不同,不考虑这些情况,恐怕就解决不好“代沟”的问题。 The young are different from the aged and so are young ladies from old ladies. If you do not take this into consideration, I’m afraid that you cannot solve the problem of “generation gap”. 不允许在斜面上停放,且停放时需要将悬臂降到最低。 It is not allowed to park the vehicle on a slope. In addition, you are required lower the Beam to the lowest position when parking.

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