How to Praise

To praise is to create happiness. Nobody would resist its "pestering". But how to praise is a difficult course which needs our careful study. Here comes a list of interesting words that would be very, very helpful to you when you are wrestling for words to express your adimaration. gorgeous 1. Dazzlingly beautiful or magnificent: 耀眼般美丽的,眩目艳丽的: wore a gorgeous Victorian gown. 穿着一件维多利亚时期的华丽的长袍 2. Characterized by magnificence or virtuosic brilliance: 才气纵横的:显示了不起的成名家才华的特征: the pianist's gorgeous technique. 钢琴家精湛的技艺   fantastic You passed your test? Fantastic! 你测验及格了?太棒了!   excellent She is an excellent teacher. 她是个优秀的教师。   marvelous Isnt it marvelous, my sweet? 亲爱的,这真是奇迹,不是吗?   bravo She rose,smiling,to shouts of “Bravo!Bravo!” 她起立向“干得好”的叫声微笑。 brilliant 1. Superb; wonderful: 超群的;杰出的: The soloist gave a brilliant performance. 独奏演员进行了卓越的表演 2. Marked by unusual and impressive intellectual acuteness: 才华横溢的,极其聪颖的:表现出不寻常的和令人难望的智力敏锐力的: a brilliant mind; a brilliant solution to the problem. 一个聪慧的头脑;一个解决问题的出色的办法   glorious The soldiers won the glorious victory. 战士们赢得了光荣的胜利。   outstanding He has many outstanding gifts. 他多才多艺。   superb These are very superb structures. 毫无疑问,上述这一切都是无以伦比的壮丽的宏伟建筑。 impressive He is an impressive man. 他是一个令人难忘的人。   exquisite plays the piano with exquisite technique. 用完美无缺的技巧演奏钢琴 It's an exquisite portrait. 这是幅精美的画像。   incomparable She sang an incomparable song. 她唱了一首无与伦比的歌。 exceptional Well above average; extraordinary: 杰出的,非凡的:超出平均很多的;非凡的: an exceptional memory. 非凡的记忆力

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