How to create Trados TM using Microsoft Excel

Recently I was handing a project that has a high repeat rate in between 3 files. I used trados to analyze the files and generated some texts with a repeat rate lower than 99%. A word file with these texts is generated and I further made it into a form with source language on the left column and the target language on the right. Here comes the question how to create a trados TM using excel. 1. Paste the word file to excel and let the source language text be in column A and target language in column B. 2. Insert “="<TrU>"&"<Seg L=EN-US>"&A1&"<Seg L=ZH-CN>"&B1&"</TrU>"” (exclude the outermost quotation marks) into column C. Press Enter. 3. Adjust the language pair inside , the first <Seg L=XX-XX>  is source language and the second <Seg L=XX-XX>  is target language, as a reference you can find each language code in this website: 4. Copy the formula to column C. (Method: select C1, right click, select Copy, select the rest of column C (from C2 to where the text ends, right click, select “selective paste” and tick “formula” in the dialog box) 5. Select column C, copy column C. 6. Create a new TM, remember to select the source and target language (must correspond to the language pair in the formula). Export as txt file. 7. Open the txt file, paste column C immediately following the last segment (start a new line) of the txt. Save txt. 8. Import the txt file to update the TM. Then a TM of the translated text is created successfully. (This method strongly applies to files that has a high repeat rate between each other, and by operating like this you can only send the extracted text to the translator to save cost) Hope that helps!!

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