How Much Do You Know "Catalan"?

1. Catalan Language Profile
Catalan (Català), also known as the Valencia language (Valencià) in some areas, belongs to the Indo-European family Romance languages​​, is one of the official language of Spain. About 12,000,000 people are using it, who located in Spain, France, Andorra and Italy, where most of the users are in Spain. As in countries, only Andorra has Catalan as its only official language. However, it is also regarded as an official language in Spain, Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands.
2. People who are using of Catalan
Catalan is the official language of the region:

RegionPeople can understandPeople can speak
Catalonia (Spain)5,837,8744,602,611
Islands, Valencia (Spain)3,512,2361,972,922
Balearic Islands (Spain)733,466504,349

Other regions:

 RegionPeople can understandPeople can speak
Alghero (Sardinia, Italy)20,00017,625
Roussillon (France)203,121125,622
Edge region of Aragon, Spain47,25045,000
Carche (in Castilian) or Carxe in Catalan / Valencia (Spain Murcia)--
Elsewhere in the world-350,000

In the world:  

RegionPeople can understandPeople can speak
Catalan countries (Europe)10,416,3287,317,648
Elsewhere in the world-350,000

3. Examples of Catalan Language
Here are some simple Catalan words and phrases (Barcelona pronunciation):
Hello : hola /ˈɔlə/   
good-bye : adéu /əˈðɛw/ (sing.); adéu siau /əˈðɛw siˈaw/ (pl.)   
please : si us plau /sisˈplɑw/   
thank you : gràcies /ˈgrɑsiəs/; mercès /mərˈsɛs/   
sorry : perdó /pərˈðo/   
how much?: quant val? /ˈkwɑmˈbɑl/; quant és? /ˈkwɑnˈtes/   
yes : sí /ˈsi/   
no : no /ˈno/   
I don't understand : No ho entenc /ˈno wənˈteŋ/   
where's the bathroom? : on és el bany? /ˈonˈezəlˈβaɲ/; on és el lavabo? /ˈonˈezəlˈləˈβɑβu/   
Do you speak English? : Que parla l'anglès? /kə ˈparlə lənˈglɛs/   
Do you speak Catalan? : Que parla el català? /kə ˈparləl kətəˈlɑ   

Besides, there are some wonderful movies, in which Catalan Language is involved in the dialogues. Suppose you can surf them on Internet and watch. Do not miss! Here are them:
Embrujo de Shanghai, El
Pau i el seu germà
Auberge espagnole, L '
Aro Tolbukhin. En la mente del asesino
Illa de l'holandès, L '
Gran aventura de Mortadelo y Filemón, La
Soldados de Salamina
Biblia negra, La
En la ciudad 
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