Hance Law Case Study

About the project

Hance law hopes to expand itself in Chinese market and so has a big volume of multidisciplinary documents that need to be translated into Chinese Mandarin. The project is covered of Investment Funds, Hedge Funds, Finance Criminality, Arbitration, financial management, Cooperate Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity, Tax consulting and Banking and Financial solutions.

Terminology accuracy and consistence must be strictly followed during translation. The client has also requested for a glossary of terms as per the customized format for the whole project.

Our Solution

1. The multidisciplinary materials posed some challenges against translation, and it required cooperation of professionals from all relevant fields. CCJK has a resource team of 3 members who tried their best effort to select qualified native translators of the specified fields.

2. To make sure of the high quality, CCJK always run a strict TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading) process to do the translation. That is to say, we not only assigned one translator, but at least 3 linguists to the project in all relevant fields: we translate from scratch by a linguist, then pass the translated documents to another editor for reviewing, and finally to a 3rd proofreader for polishing.

3. We worked closely with the client to finalize the translation of all the terminologies first and then invited professionals from all the specific fields to do the translation with Trados. It will help to build up a client’s translation memory. And the results will speed up translation of subsequent documents and save cost to our clients.

4. As promised, we created relevant glossaries and terminology term list for Hance law. It will not only to improve the quality and consistency of translations, as well as speeding up delivery of completed translations in the long run.

Client Feedback

CCJK offered competitive pricing when I ring round for a quote. We are very satisfied with the work done. As my friend is fluent in Chinese we can confirm that the work they did for us in Chinese was of a very high standard. Their English Communication was also of a high standard. It was a pleasure to work with CCJK on my project. CCJK was very competent, performed exactly as we required.

About Client

Hance Law is a business, finance and tax law firm, a niche boutique with an international spirit, international reach and international networks, which offers complete 24/7 service to clients in pursuit of their projects at the level of Luxembourg as well as the international level. Hance law has offices in Luxembourg, Belgium and Slovenia.

They offer fully dedicated, complete, personal, responsive service targeted towards completion of all your business and legal needs, including Funds and Finance, Tax, Business, Corporate and Technology, Life Insurance and Estate Planning,Litigation, domiciliation and secretarial services in various jurisdictions including Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta and Hong Kong.


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