Google Died, Apple & Microsoft Dying

Microsoft “谷歌已死,苹果垂危,微软将死” “Google died, Apple & Microsoft are dying” ——继大陆封杀谷歌 IP 地址,央视捏造苹果侵犯隐私之后,工商总局接到“某人”举报,开始调查微软“垄断”。有网友表示美国科技三巨头在华处境不妙。 Shortly after Google IP address was blocked in China mainland and CCTV faked up a story about Apple’s invasion of privacy, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) received a report from “somebody” and started to investigate Microsoft’s monopolization. Some netizens comment that US big three technology enterprises are in peril in China. “到目前为止我们调查处理的所有案子,没有任何大家想的背景。(对高通的调查)也是源于举报,和 4G、3G 是没有关系的。” “Up to now, all the cases we investigated and handled have no any background as you thought. The investigation into Qualcomm was also initiated according to reports, having nothing to do with 4G or 3G.” ——国家发改委价格监督与反垄断局局长许昆林表示反垄断主要靠“某人”举报。 ——Xu Linkun, the Director of Director of NDRC Price Supervision and Anti-Monopoly Bureau, said that the anti-monopoly investigations were mainly launch according to “somebody’s” report. “朋友们帮忙转发一下,多谢!传谣靠媒体,我辟谣就靠你们了。” “My friends, please help me to forward the message, thank you very much. Rumors are mainly spread by media, while I want to dispel rumors with your help.“ ——经历了数日媒体对锤子手机的质疑,罗永浩终于忍不住动用最擅长的长微博进行反击。 After the media doubted Smartisan phones for days, finally Luo Yonghao couldn't help counterattacking via long Weibo which is what he good at. “Cortana 是微软为自己的生态环境所准备的,而“小冰”是为其他的生态环境所准备的人工智能的中间件。” “Cortana is prepared by Microsoft for its eco-environment, and “Xiaoice”, an artificial intelligence middleware, for other eco-environment.” ——微软语音助手 Cortana 即将入华,微软“小冰”项目负责人李笛解释了“小娜”和“小冰”的区别。 ——As the Microsoft will soon bring Cortana, a speaktoit assistant, to China, the leader Microsoft’s “Xiao Ice” Project Li Di explains the difference between “Cortana” and “ Xiaoice”. “法务和代理公司都续费了,续重了,法务跟 godaddy 联系退回一笔的时候那边理解有误都给退回了,目前我们也已经又续费等待生效中!” “Because both the legal service department and agency have renewed, the legal service department contacted with Godaddy to refund one part of the fees, but they incorrectly refund all the fees. Now we have renewed again and wait for taking effect.” ——新浪云计算负责人@三石 R 立 在微博上解释了新浪 SAE 域名故障的原因。 ——The director of Sina cloud computing @三石 R 立 (Sanshi R LI) explains the reason for the breakdown of the Sina SAE domain name in his Weibo. “苹果的保密工作让人感觉压力山大,就像被别人用枪顶着脑门一样。” “Apple’s confidential policy makes me feel stressful, just like that you are at gunpoint.” ——一名以前在苹果工作并和乔纳森领导的产品设计团队有过密切的合作的工程师表示。 —— An engineer who once worked at Apple and had close cooperation with the product design team led by Jonathan said. “我们需要确保每个伦敦人能享受到最好的移动网络,提高这个伟大城市的移动网络服务是伦敦基础设施计划中很关键的一部分。” “We need to ensure that each Londoner can enjoy the best mobile network and the improvement of mobile network in this great city is critical to the infrastructure construction plan of London.” ——伦敦市长 Boris Johnson 承诺将在 2020 年时为伦敦实现全面的 5G 网络覆盖。 ——Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, promised to realize a complete coverage of 5G network in London by 2020. “转会费多少?” “What is the transfer fee?” ——由于之前已经接受过阿根廷国会赠送的阿根廷国家队 10 号球衣,习近平在获得阿根廷马克市市长赠送的博卡青年队 10 号球衣时说。 ——Since he had received the No. 10 shirt of Argentina national football team presented by Argentine National Congress, Chairman Xi Jinping said when he got the No. 10 shirt of Boca Juniors presented by the mayor of Argentina Mark city.

From: The Huxiu Translated by Elodie, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd. Edited by Steve, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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