Familiarize yourself with your Point& Shoot Camera

Familiarize yourself with your Point& Shoot Camera If you got a SLR, of course it’s good, but if not, you don’t have to be desperate. Because a SLR does not make you a photographer, our training does. All I want to tell you is that great photos can also be born from a point& shoot camera. What you need to do is open your eyes and ears, get familiar with the capabilities and shooting techniques. Here are some tips. Manual Many have cameras but few read manual. Most guys will get complicated and sleepy when they have books in hand. So I’m not gonna tell you read it carefully but there is an important part about main functions which need to know. Type of Zoom If you use a digital camera you must have heard of a name “digital zoom”. On the other side it’s “optical zoom”. Just as the name suggests, digital implies sth like computing and optical refers to the lens. Optical zoom will get you better quality of image, if not necessary, try to avoid digital zoom. Make Use of Your Flash Most cameras have a flash, when environmental light is not enough to form a clear picture, we need to use flash. Some of them are built into the camera body as an eye next to the viewfinder, some of them pop up on the top like a cap. You can choose “auto” or “manual”. Preset Modes We may face numerous situations, some of them are changing quickly if you don’t get it now you’ll lose it forever. One of the greatest progress is your camera have preset programmed image capture modes. They varies with different basic settings. By knowing what these preset modes prefer, you can take almost advantage of a SLR. Habits Practice makes perfect, good habits make good practice. Have you ever been in the situation that when you got great scenery to shoot but your cam is running out of memory or battery? Have you ever dropped or almost dropped a cam to the ground because you were not wearing the camera wrist strap? Right now, just right now take a look at your lens, is it clean or covered with much dust? Do you hang your charger here and there? Now you know what to do!

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