Employment Prospects and Directions of Translation Major in 2014

Translation Major 翻译专业,翻译是将一种相对陌生的表达方式,转换成相对熟悉的表达方式的过程。其内容有语言、文字、图形、符号的翻译。是增强促进人们社会交流发展的重要手段。下面让 CCJK 为你介绍一下翻译专业就业前景与就业方向吧! Translation, a process of changing the expression from a relatively unfamiliar way to a relatively familiar way, is an important means to enhance and promote the development of human social communication, including the translation of languages, texts, graphics and symbols. Here CCJK introduces you the employment prospects and directions of translation major. 目前随着中国与世界交流的日益频繁,随着中国国际地位的提高,现在不管是哪里的国际会议,都离不开中文,都少不了翻译。 With the increasingly frequent communication with the world and the increase of China's international status in recent years, no matter where a international conference is held, Chinese and translators are essential . 全国现有相关从业人员 50 万,其中职业翻译 4 万多人,受过专业训练的翻译人才则更少。目前国内市场最紧缺的翻译人才,是不仅语言能力强,而且对专业技术也非常精通的专业型技术类笔译人才和同声传译人才。 There are five hundred thousands translation practitioners, including only forty thousands professional translators and much less translation talents who have received professional training. At present, the most needed translation talents in domestic market are those professional and skilled translators and simultaneous interpreters who own high language competence and are very proficient in professional skills. 中国的翻译服务市场正在急速膨胀。目前各类专业翻译公司注册企业有 3000 多家,以咨询公司、翻译社等名义注册而实际承揽翻译业务的公司更有数万家之多。仅 在深圳,注册的翻译公司就有数百家。翻译服务队伍不足仍然是困扰翻译产业的一大难题,据不完全统计,翻译从业人员可能达到 100 万人,但即使如此,现有的 翻译队伍仍无法满足巨大的市场需求。 In China, the translation service market is expanding rapidly. Currently, there are more than 3000 registered professional translation and tens of thousands of companies registered in the names of consulting corporation and translation agency but actually engaged in translation business. In Shenzhen alone, the number reaches several hundreds. The shortage of translation service teams is still a challenge faced by this industry . As shown by incomplete statistics, the number of translation practitioners may reach one million, but even so, the current number of professional translators is still insufficient to meet the huge market demand. 首先,通晓专业领域的人员少,能够准确理解原文技术又在语言方面完美把握的人才更是凤毛麟角; First, less translators are proficient in specific expertise, and talents who are capable of accurately understanding the source text and perfectly mastering the language are also very rare. 其次,翻译人才普遍集中在少数经济相对发达的城市和政府部门中,对于翻译服务的覆盖有所欠缺; Second, translation talents generally work in only a few relatively developed cities and government departments, therefore, the coverage of translation services is not wide enough. 再次,近年以来,中文的纯洁性受到极大的挑战,网络用语大行其道,国人特别是新生代翻译对中文的把握能力偏弱,行业外普遍认为的外译中容易,实际在处理中,真正能做好外译员的专家并不多。 Third, the purity of Chinese has been greatly challenged by Internet language. Chinese, especially the young translators are relatively poor in the ability of understanding Chinese deeply. Outsiders generally believed that it is more easier to translate foreign languages to Chinese, but actually not many translators could do this well. 因此,我们认为目前翻译行业的可塑性还很强,与国外的差距还非常大,行业的提升空间也非常巨大,专业的就业前景非常向好。 So, we think that the current translation industry still has a high plasticity and although the industry is far behind that in some foreign countries, it has great potential to develop. Therefore, translation major graduates own bright career prospects.

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