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Technical is technical, leave it to the real pros!

Any high-tech product needs an easily comprehensible user guide or technical manual for its users to quickly acquaint with what the product does and acquire know-how of doing things right. Short and concise sentences are preferred in conveying such information and a good mastery of related terminologies of the technical writer or translator is essential to the development of a professional user guide / manual.

Graphics is another important element in user guide / manual development. To help the target audience fully comprehend the product features and learn the ways to use it effectively, simple images, sketches, illustrations will be a great advantage whereby the user can easily follow the instructions step by step as displayed in graphics.

CCJK, with a talented crew of engineers, technical writers and translators, graphic designers and desktop publishing specialists, prides itself with its over 10 years record of perfectly serving worldwide reputable companies’ user guide development needs. And we highly recommend that technical writing and translation should be left only to the real pros!

What is "User Guide"?

User guide is alternatively known as “user manual” or simply “manual” appearing to represent the same concept of documentation. A user guide is a technical document that elaborates on the product features and gives instructions on how to manipulate the particular product, mostly electronic or electrical, and make it well function. User guide / manual is usually written by a dedicated technical writer or an engineer of the development team.

Normally, a user guide contains both textual and graphic contents that are associated accordingly. Also, the language used in this type of documentation is often clear and concise, so as for the user to easily grasp the intended contents.

Why is User Guide Important?

There have been so many instances today that the user guide that goes along with the product is often dull and even confusing while its counterparts before the sale, brochures and catalogs, are often fabulously designed and printed on coated glossy paper. Does the user guide really not deserve a fair focus? Doesn’t it have any marketing functionality at all?

The answer is quite obvious, and in fact the user guide should even deserve more than a fair focus as brochures and catalogs do. As a direct portal to the product features, the user guide is of great significance for the actual users to learn about the product. And whether they find the learning is easy and pleasant could ignite their favor or repulse toward the product itself. So, the point is, a nicely designed user guide is a most crucial documentation to help existing customers cultivate brand faith and loyalty, and further retain and enlarge the user base of the whole lines of products under the same brand. Take Apple as a good example, its products are widely known for perfected user experience. But is that refined user experience solely built on presale propaganda? Absolutely no, and in fact Apple has prepared first class user guides that are as sleek in design just as their fabulous brochures and catalogs for each of their product line, because they believe everything contained in their product package matters and can influence how their users think of them. Then we start seeing flocks of people waiting at Apple stores overnight for every new type of iPhone and iPad to go on market.

What most companies have not realized is that it is the existing passionate users that greatly help evangelize their products to their friends and relatives, who could easily turn into new customers of the product. And those who do have turned into new users could carry on the mission of evangelizing the product to an even wider audience and many more new sales could be made. In this age of intensified ads competition, a lucid and illustrative user guide can be the key difference that distinguishes the very product from the average. So it will be a wise idea to allocate a little more budget and resources to the development of user guides, which DO attract new users and bring in enormous profit as well.

Why we are Good!

Professional Technical Writers

CCJK has kept a perfect record of service quality thanks to its most professional technical writers and translators with various engineering backgrounds.

Quality Assurance (QA)

CCJK has forged a streamlined QA process for e-book publishing projects that will guarantee both visual appeal to the reader and consistency in imagery and paragraph layout.

Punctual Delivery

Understanding what punctual delivery means to the client, CCJK has kept a sound record of punctuality in delivering e-book publishing projects.

Prompt Communication

Besides periodic progress reports, CCJK will assign for each e-book publishing project a dedicated Project Manager, whom the client may contact for feedback anytime.

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