Follow market trend publish quality e-book

E-book market is forecasted to hit $5.2 billion by industry experts. With the advent of various e-book readers such as Amazon Kindle and Sony PRS-500, online reading experience has been gradually accepted and preferred by the general public, especially the youngsters.

A great many good books that have been printed on paper are now seeking to be ported to newest e-book reading devices as the online e-book market keeps booming, let alone the Internet literature that is originally distributed over the web and can be conveniently converted into readable formats by e-book readers.

CCJK, with years of experience serving worldwide e-book distributors, prides itself in being fully capable of providing a full suite of e-book publishing services, which include but are not limited to e-book design, formatting, conversion, translation, and distribution, etc.

E-Book Design

We help your e-books stand out from the average by offering polished e-book cover design and consistent style and layout of the paragraphs. With experienced and creative graphic designers and publishing specialists, we humbly hope to be part of your success by delivering state-of-the-art e-book design services.

E-Book Formatting

We help to adjust your e-books to a most readable and aesthetic pattern with refined formatting expertise. Don’t ever fall short with how you present your e-book to the reader, because detail is the main difference that distinguishes a masterpiece from the average.

E-Book Conversion

Offering more download options for different e-book reading devices is always an effective way to push up the sales, and we help to convert your e-books among almost all readable digital formats while maintaining all the images and graphic layout of the e-book.

E-Book Translation

Starting the e-book publishing business by translating and formatting various kinds of e-books, CCJK is versed in translating e-book files into most world languages that you desire. A high-quality translation can also be the key to the extending of your business tentacle.

E-Book Distribution

When your e-book is ready for launch, we can also distribute your e-books onto up to 50 worldwide popular retailing platforms selling e-books for various devices, including Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iPad, Sony PRS, etc.

Professional Publishing Specialists
CCJK has a talented crew of graphic designers and publishing specialists that compose its professional strengths on e-book publishing projects.

Quality Assurance (QA)

CCJK has forged a streamlined QA process for e-book publishing projects that will guarantee both visual appeal to the reader and consistency in imagery and paragraph layout.

Punctual Delivery

Understanding what punctual delivery means to the client, CCJK has kept a sound record of punctuality in delivering e-book publishing projects.

Prompt Communication

Besides periodic progress reports, CCJK will assign for each e-book publishing project a dedicated Project Manager, whom the client may contact for feedback anytime.

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